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Accenture Interview Questions

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Below is the list of Questions asked in Accenture 1st round of technical telephonic interview for a java developer:

1. How to make a List as Read Only List?
2. Difference between iterator and list iterator?
3. What design patterns you know in Java?
4. What is a Singleton class?
5. Difference between String builder and String buffer?
6. How to remove duplicate elements from a list in java?
7. How to clone objects?
8. What are the methods in object class?
9. What are implicit objects in JSP?
10. How to open a database connection? How the application understands from where the query is to be read?
11. Can you write a query in JSP file or a controller?
12. What is MVC in your application?
13. How to use Log4j logger?
14. What are the log levels?
15. What is Spring bean definition?
16. What is a bean life cycle?
17. What are the Spring bean scopes?
18. What is final keyword in Java?
19. What is a front controller?
20. What is the difference between forward and redirect in Spring MVC?
21. What are servlets?

Hope this helps in the preparation for the interview for Accenture.

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