Accenture Interview Experience(On-Campus 2019)

Round 1    Around 1000 students gave the Exam. 1st round was consisted of quantitative, logical, english and technical questions. Each section had their respective cutoffs.( TIP: just attemp every question). Accenture came in our campus for 2 Roles.(ASE AND FSE). Total of 90 min was given for 90 questions. Those who cleared this 4 sections were allowed to give the coding round for FSE role.

Coding round consisted of 2 questions . based on array and strings. (10, 20 marks respectively.)

around 350 students got selected.

Round 2: 2nd  round was group interview .No technical questions was asked.

1.) Tell me about yourself.

2.) one puzzle. if u are standing 1km away from a tree in a forest, how will u decide that the fruits in the tree is eatable or not.

3.)if there are 4 people in a company, i.e, a.) lazy guy, attitude guy who is very sharp, hardworking guy, or a person who is eager to work in the project . Whom will you select as a group leader. and why.

4.)any questions?


Round 3:out of 350, 310 people got selected . (60 FSE, 260 ASE.)

TIP: If u want to go for FSE role, just solve both the coding questions and the technical mcqs correctly.

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