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Accenture Interview Experience (On campus) 2019

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Pre placement talk took place on aug 23rd .

Two positions were offered one was ASE(associate software Engineer) with 4.5lpa package.other was FSE(full stack engineering) with 6.5 lpa package.

Round 1: Aptitude

It had 4 sections.

1.quantitative aptitude: questions on time speed and distance, time n work, percentages, si and ci, profit and loss, permutations and combination etc

2.logical reasoning : Consisted of data interpretation, non verbal reasoning, missing term, series, directions, blood relation etc

3.Verbal : reading comprehension, parajumbles, antonym and synonyms etc

4.technical : it consisted of pseudo codes most of them were on recursion, basic ms office questions.

It had sectional cut off only students who had cleared all the sections will get a window for coding .you will get the results at that time itself whether you cleared the test or not.

Round 2: coding

After clearing aptitude there was a coding round.There were two coding questions.

One was for 10 Mark’s and the other one for 20 marks. was to sort a 2d matrix row by row in ascending order. are given a num and take its factors excluding the num itself and sum it up.ex if 220 is the num take all the factors of 220 …1, 2, 4 etc sum them up. If the sum is 180 take its factors and sum them.if both the sum are equal return 1 else return 0.

Those who did both the coding questions were interviewed for FSE role else for ASE

I did both coding questions so I was interviewed for FSE.

Round 3:group interview 

It was a group interview a group of 5 ppl are interviewed by 2 .For us it was purely on resume .About the projects we also depends on the which panel .in other panel they had gd kind of a it depends.

Questions were like tell me about yourself, which project you think is best in your Engineering life and why.fav subjects. Diff between c n c++.which one wud you choose development or testing.are you willing to relocate.

After two days we got letter of intent.And unfortunately I was not able to get FSE role but they selected me for ASE.

Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2019
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