Accenture Interview Experience (Full Stack Engineer)

Round 1:

The 1st round was the hardest among all the other rounds. It had Verbal (20), Quantitative (20), Logical (20) and Technical Questions(30). Even though everything was answerable the 90 minute time period made the whole round harder.

Round 2:

After clearing the 1st round you were asked to select between two roles Associate Software Engineer-ASE(4.5 LPA) or Full Stack Engineer-FSE(6.5LPA). If you select ASE you need not attend the 2nd coding round, if you select FSE you will be given 2 programs and the allocated time is 45 minutes. You have to finish both the programs in order to get FSE role. If you couldn’t finish both the programs you will still have the change to get ASE.

Round 3:

General Hr round was very simple. 5  of the selected candidates were interviewed at the same time. You should be good at communicating your ideas and should be able to brainstorm the points for the topic given by the interviewers.

The Letter Of Intent will be sent to you within 10-12hrs of the interview.

This is how I got Selected as a Full Stack Engineer in Accenture and now I am waiting for my Call Letter.

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