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Accenture Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2022
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For 2021 Pass-Outs

Round 1(Cognitive and Technical assessment followed by the Coding assessment): Difficulty Level-Moderate

  • In this round we have Cognitive(50 Questions) Technical(50 Questions) and Coding(2 Questions).
  • First, we have to complete Cognitive and Technical. If we clear the cutoff then we get a link for Coding. The main trick is to solve as many questions as possible here. And please do keep track of time. The pattern and questions were designed in such a way to test the time management and problem-solving skills of Students.
  • No need to worry about technical issues, as the Accenture support team helps you at all stages of your assessment.

Round 2(Communication Test): Difficulty Level-Easy

  • In this round, we tested our communication skills, by asking us to dictate some sentences and asking us questions once a situation is given. This is an automated round.

Round 3(Interview): Difficulty Level -Moderate

  • After clearing Round 1, both Round 2 and 3 are mandatory. Once we clear Round 1, we get into a flow. In this round, two interviewees test our technical skills. They asked some basic questions about our mini projects and projects. They do even check our communication a little. For me, they were friendly and were welcoming questions.
  • Once we clear Round 1 it is easy to crack the further Rounds. Hope this article was helpful and All the Best!!  for your interview.

Complete Test Series for Service Based

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