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Accenture Interview Experience for Application Developer Analyst (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2021

The whole placement drive had 4 rounds and these are briefed below.

Round 1(Aptitude and Technical Assessment): 

  • Elimination Round
  • No. of Questions: 90
  • Duration: 90 minutes(OVERALL AND NOT SECTIONAL
  • Marking scheme:- No negative marking. 
  • The topics included were aptitude, logical reasoning, English and grammar, pseudocodes, basics of ms office, excel and basics of cloud. 
  • Questions were of medium level and each section has cut off and u need to clear the overall cut off score and also sectional cut off. 
  • This round ain’t so difficult to crack, an average student(irrespective of his stream)  with strong fundamentals will crack it. 

Round 2(Coding Round):

  • If you clear round 1, at the same instant u will get the link for coding round.
  • No. Of questions: 2
  • Duration: 45min(OVERALL)
  • The questions were from medium to difficult range. 
  • If you have a strong hold on topics of arrays and strings with logical mindset then u can do it easily. Do remember that this round isn’t an ELIMINATION ROUND and acts a decider for ASE or SE role. 
  • You can chose to write in any coding language and the code has some extra marks for optimization.

Round 3(Communication Assessment):

  • This round is not an ELIMINATION round and just acts as to assess your fluency and communication skills. 
  • It’s an easy nut. The test is virtual and u got to read some sentences as it is displayed and write something on the given topic.

Round 4(Interview Round):

  • There were two members in the panel, and one of them was asking me HR kind of questions and other was asking some technical questions. 
  • HR questions included the dream project, some scenarios and etc. 
  • Technical questions included an overview of my projects and a few questions related to the coding round. 
  • This round isn’t so tough,  they will try to push you down with some questions, just calm down and keep your head calm. Speak with a clear mind and enthusiasm. 

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