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Accenture Interview Experience for Advanced Associate Software Engineer 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021
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Round 1: Cognitive & Technical Assessment

Time: – 90 mins

An elimination round in which you will be given 90 questions to be solved in 90 mins. To pass this assessment, you need to clear a cutoff (not much high).

  • Questions were asked from: Cognitive: English Ability, Critical Reasoning, and Problem Solving, Abstract Reasoning
  • Technical: Pseudo-coding, Common Application, and MS Office, Networking Security, and Cloud
  • After completing this test you need to wait for a max of 5 mins ( my case – 2.50 mins appx ), and you will get to know whether you passed or not.

Round 2: Coding Assessment

Time: 45 mins

  • A non-elimination round with two coding questions to be solved in 45 mins, very simple questions, but if you want to have good marks, you need to solve them with a good approach ( lesser the time complexity better is the result in this round ).
  • I do not remember problems exactly but one was a recursion problem and another was related to counting frequencies. After submitting this test I got a mail that ” Thanks for participating in the coding round “

Round 3: Communication Assessment

Time: 30 mins

  • Again a non-elimination round ( some say they got rejected, so I will not say anything here ), in which your English + confidence will be checked.
  • You need to be in a very silent room or use a super noise cancellation mic. In this round, you have to listen to everything and respond accordingly except for the first section, where you need to read what is written on the screen.
  • Other sections: Jumbled words ( easy but listen to sentence carefully and arrange those words that you heard correctly )
  • Listen and repeat ( everything was fine but some sentences were long so I forgot the names of characters LOL )
  • Storytelling ( you need to listen to a story carefully and repeat it, you can have your own way of explaining the story too)

Round 4: Interview

Time: 7 mins

  • In an elimination round, the interviewer was really very calm and had a lot of experience. He introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself.
  • After my 1 min intro , he said you have worked on a lot of technologies ( as I mentioned in my intro ). I said yes sir.
  • Tell me about the certifications you have.
  • After 5 years, you are leading a team and you assigned some work to each member but two of them haven’t completed it, What will you do?
  • My response – Maybe some reward may help, then he said maybe they have some other problem, I was like I made a mistake, then I tried correcting it and said yes sir, I’ll have a meet with them and ask them what’s the issue.
  • His response – So what you learned here?
  • My response – Having a regular meet with teammates, to know if they have some issue or not.
  • Tell me about your internship, how did you get and what you did?
  • I told each and everything honestly.
  • After that, he said Do you have any questions?
  • I asked him two questions that I had in my mind.

RESULTS- I got selected as Full stack developer. Got my result after almost 15 days of interview. 

Just one thing to say – confidence is the key, Keep your resume updated and well formated. Coding section you need to give the best codes ( space/ time complexity ) and communication round does matter, i have  compared my results and my friend’s results .. they had almost 35 mins of interview but got associate software developer role. So be prepared keeping these points in mind.

Thanks and All the best for your selection process.

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