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Accenture Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020
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Accenture recruited at the zonal level for 2 roles: Application development associate and Application development analyst. The role would be offered based on interview performance was what we were told.

Round 1: The exam was conducted on 14th October 2020 via the SEB application. It was well-proctored. First, there was a Cognitive and technical assessment followed by a coding assessment. The cognitive and technical round had 90 questions to be answered in 90 mins. It was also an elimination round. The coding assessment had a moderate level of difficulty. I could solve both the questions.

On successfully clearing the assessments, the next stage was a communication assessment that tested listening and speaking skills. 
Example: A topic would be given, and we had to talk about it for a minute, a story would be narrated, and we had to re-narrate it and make sure to include specifics and details, etc.

Round 2: The next stage was an online interview for which we could book our slot. It was conducted by a panel of 2 interviewers exactly a week later. It went pretty smooth, I wasn’t asked much of technical questions.

The following questions were asked:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What’s your biggest achievement
  3. Explain any of your academic projects
  4. What challenge was faced in the project, technically?
  5. Have you done any projects in a team? If yes, what were the challenges faced with respect to your teammates? How did you handle it?
  6. Have you faced any major challenges in your college life, if yes, what was it? And how did you overcome it?
  7. Has there been any situation where you were very demotivated? What did you do and how did you overcome it?
  8. Do you organize any outings or trips with your friends? Has there been any conflict and how did you resolve it?

I wasn’t very confident at the start, so I blabbered a lot, but they told me to take a breath and told me it was more of a discussion than an interview, so that gave me a bit of confidence and I performed better as the time passed. 

Overall, it was a smooth experience and the LOI was issued a couple of days later and I got the role of Application development analyst!!


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