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Accenture Internship Interview Experience 2021

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Accenture came to my campus (a NIT) for hiring Interns and Full time Grads. As I am in penultimate year of my degree I was eligible for the Intern hiring process. (I am from IT branch)

Job Profile: Advance Application Engineering Intern

Eligibility: BTech All Branches with CPI above 6.5 and maximum 1 year gap in education post 10th standard till graduation. 

Process Flow:

  1. Admit card release
  2. Aptitude and Coding assessment 
  3. Communication Assessment
  4. Final Interview

Now the process is like:

  • You’ll have Aptitude round first which consists of 5 sections namely Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Aptitude, MS Office Basics, Computer Science Basics (DSA, OS, Pseudo codes). If you clear this round then you’ll be redirected to the coding assessment in 5 minutes.
  • Coding assesment consists of 2 questions of basic and intermediate difficulty which could be solved easily.
  • After clearing the coding assessment you’ll receive a communication assessment link via Email. Communication assessment is easy and consists of five easy sections. If you have good command over english then you can easily clear this round.
  • Those who clear coding round are eligible for communication assessment and interview and the total final score of all rounds decides your selection or rejection. 
  • Most of my batchmates including me cleared the coding round and even received a confirmation mail for clearing the coding round and being eligible for communication assessment but no communication assessment link was sent to us. Only 2 people in my batch received the link and went for further round of interview and one of them got selected.

A total of 8 candidates were selected from my college but again the hiring process was a bit shady so yes luck plays a factor. 

All the best for your interview!

Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2021
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