Accenture Campus Placement Drive 2020

Hello everyone! I am Karunakar, I attended accenture campus placement in my DSCE, Bangalore.

It was a two round procedure. It was very easy to crack both rounds.

Round 1:

This round was technical aptitude. In this round there were sectional cut-off. This round had sections like

1.English & Verbal 2.Logical Reasoning 3.Quantitative Aptitude 4.Technical .

Section 1 had questions on paragraph reading, synonyms, antonyms, one word substitution etc.
Section 2 had questions on coding-decoding, statement, syllogism, cause and effect, next number in series etc. Section 3 had questions on profit and loss, work and time, percentage, height and direction etc.
Section 4 had questions on basic Python, Java, C language syntax and pre & post increment functions.
It also had questions on MS Office, Extensions of file types, commands and shortcut keys.


Round 2: This round was combination of Technical Interview and HR round. In this round i was asked about my project and programming languages i know. This round was very simple and easy to answer all questions. I got selected in this campus drive.



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