Accents in LaTeX

Accents are widely used to denote the alphabet with its desired sound. They are beneficial when writing sanskrit words in English or when writing language such as French which have various accents. But our keyboard is unable to draw them directly so we employ the LaTex codes to draw them.

Accents and their LaTeX Code :

Accent SYMBOL LaTex code
Hat on x \hat{x} \hat{x}
Inverted hat on x \check{x} \check{x}
Breve on x \breve{x} \breve{x}
Acute \acute{x} \acute{x}
Grave \grave{x} \grave{x}
Tilde \tilde{x} \tilde{x}
Bar \bar{x} \bar{x}
Vector \vec{x} \vec{x}
Dot \dot{x} \dot{x}
Double dot \ddot{x} \ddot{x}
Overline \overline{x} \overline{x}
Underline \underline{x} \underline{x}

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