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ABB Interview Experience (Placement 2020)

  • Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2020

I participated in the placement drive of ABB recently for the post of Software Engineer. (Time frame is given below for reference) It was a pool placement drive for four IITs, viz. IIT Bhilai, IIT Dharwad,  IIT Goa, and IIT Pallakad. There were in total 87 candidates and only 7 were selected. 

Out of those 7, four were from my college (IIT Bhilai) and I was lucky to be one of them.

Time Frame: 

  • Online Test: 28th November 2020 (90 minutes) 
  • Interview: 1st December 2020 (4 rounds)

Online Test: There were three sections. 

  1. Logical Reasoning (20 minutes)
  2. Coding (60 minutes)
  3. MCQ on Java oriented questions (20 minutes)

The logical reasoning in this test was the toughest I had ever encountered and in addition to that, very little time was allotted for this section (20 Mins). However, there was a silver lining, the result was based on the relative performance of all the candidates and not cut-off based.

In the coding sections, there were three questions. The questions were not very tough but could not be completed in the allocated time. I invested 20 minutes (out of 60) to read and understand all the three questions and in the remaining time solved one coding question successfully. As luck might have it, one was sufficient to get the interview call. 

The third section i.e. MCQ demanded in-depth knowledge of Java and OOPs concept, especially interfaces. I was able to solve most of them.

Interview: The first three rounds were on a video call and the last one was telephonic.

Round 1 (Technical): This round revolved around my resume. The interviewer introduced himself and his work. Then he asked me about myself and the projects I have done.  

  1. Difference between an edge and a cloud.
  2. How would you rate yourself in coding (in java) out of 10?
  3. I had done some project (in internship) in 5G, he asked about that and what new features or technology is used in 5G. 
  4. Explain the process of execution of a java program from start to end?
  5. Explain about OOPS?
  6. What is the difference between an instance and an object?

Round 2 (Technical):

  1. How would you rate yourself in coding (in java) out of 10?
  2. What are abstraction and its use?
  3. What are interfaces and how are they different from inheritance? 
  4. What are the different data structures in Collections in Java?
  5. An intense discussion about the ABB Ability platform. That discussion involved topics like IoT, Cloud (like Azure and Huawei), ML, APIs (Restful).
  6. What are Restful APIs and how do they work?
  7. How will you find the frequency (number of appearances) of a substring in a given string?

    Example: The substring is stored in the variable key, give an algorithm to find the number of occurrence of key (“and”) in the string.

    String s = “Suresh and Ramesh went to Patna for their friend’s wedding and stayed there for a week”;

    String key = “and”;



Round 3 (Technical + HR):

  1. About myself and my interests both technical and non-technical. 
  2. Where am I from?
  3. How would you use technology to improve your state (or any area like agriculture in your state)?
  4. In the end, I asked the interviewer about the scope of progress at ABB (career-wise)

Round 4 (HR):

  1. About me and my family. 
  2. What is the area of interest for me?
  3. Would I be comfortable to shift to a new city (Banglore) for this job, if the pandemic situation improves hopefully in July next year when I complete my graduation?

Verdict: Selected

Overall experience and tips: My interview was not directed to check my in-depth knowledge in different areas of CS (I forgot to mention that I’m an electrical student 😉 but rather what I had already done (projects and internships). I have not given details about my projects here (which were related to IoT, home automation, edge-processing in 5G, restful APIs, Object detection using YOLO) but they were what got me through this interview.

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