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A Step by Step Guide for Placement Preparation | Set 2

Last Updated : 13 Mar, 2023
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Prerequisite Set 1 

Tech giants look for candidates who generally are excellent in algorithm designing and coding. You can surely not skip data structures and algorithms if you are looking to prepare for companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. 

  1. Revise the working and use of popular Data Structures: Apart from set 1, more data structures to be focused are: 
  2. Time Complexities: It is recommended to pay special attention to the analysis of extra space and time complexity of algorithms. 
  3. Interesting Algorithms: Mathematics is the base of algorithms and all those good at maths definitely play better with algorithms. 
  4. System Design Questions: These questions are more likely to be asked to experienced candidates, but basic design questions like OOP concepts, Singleton Pattern, etc have been asked to freshers also.
  5. MCQs : Although not directly asked in all companies, these multiple-choice questions help you make your concepts stronger and retain the concepts subconsciously.
  6. Interview Corner: Try to solve as many interview questions as you can for the company you are preparing. If finished, you can always practice other company questions too. If the company is coming for the internship, then prepare exclusively for internship interviews.
  7. GeeksforGeeks recommended list: This is the most important bunch of problems that you MUST solve yourself. Try each and every problem on the practice platform, discuss among each other for more efficient solutions. If you are not arriving at an efficient solution, force yourself to solve it till the end irrespective of how lame your answer is before looking at the complete solution at GeeksforGeeks. 
    P.S: In onsite interviews you will code on a whiteboard, so make sure you practice doing that. It is very different from using an IDE.
  8. Projects you have done: Thoroughly revise all the work you have done till now in your projects. The grilling about projects can sometimes be very deep. Also, choose your words before you speak. Mention only those topics where you think you are fine to be grilled upon
  9. Important FAQs
    • When to use which data structure & algorithm and why?
    • Why one approach is better than the other for a given problem?
    • The optimal solution for a given problem.
    • Which coding language is best for any given problem and why?
    • Real-life implementation of a given concept.
  10. Practice topic wise: You can pick topics one by one and practice them according to your weak areas.

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