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Alpha Testing | Software Testing

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 09 Jun, 2022
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Prerequisites – Software Testing Basics, Types of Software Testing 

Alpha Testing is a type of software testing performed to identify bugs before releasing the product to real users or to the public. Alpha Testing is one of the user acceptance testings. This is referred to as alpha testing only because it is done early on, near the end of the development of the software. Alpha testing is commonly performed by homestead software engineers or quality assurance staff. It is the last testing stage before the software is released into the real world. 

Objective of Alpha Testing:

  1. The objective of alpha testing is to refine the software product by finding the bugs that were not discovered during the previous tests.
  2. The objective of alpha testing is to refine the software product by fixing the bugs that were not discovered during the previous tests.
  3. The objective of alpha testing is to involve customers deep into the process of development.
  4. The objective of alpha testing is to give better insight into the software’s reliability at the early stages of development.

Alpha Testing Process:

  1. Review the design specification and functional requirements.
  2. Develop comprehensive test cases and test plans.
  3. Execute test plan
  4. Log defects
  5. Retest once the issues have been fixed


Phases of Alpha Testing: 

There are two phases in alpha testing: 

1st Phase: The first phase of testing is done by in-house developers or software engineers. They either use hardware-aided debuggers or debugger software. The aim is to catch bugs quickly. Usually while alpha testing, a tester comes across to lots of bugs, crashes, missing features, and docs. 

2nd Phase: The second phase of alpha testing is done by software quality assurance staff for additional testing in an environment. It includes a black box as well as white box testing.

Advantages of Alpha Testing:

  • Better insight about the software’s reliability at its early stages.
  • Free up your team for other projects.
  • It reduces delivery time to market.
  • Early feedback helps to improve software quality.

Disadvantages of Alpha Testing:

  • It will need a longer time for test plan execution if the project is large.
  • Sometimes, the defects in the products can be unknown during this alpha testing.
  • It is difficult to test the entire product since it is still under development.
  • For smaller projects, time spent on alpha testing is not worthy enough.
  • It does not carry out reliability and security testing.
  • This test will only cover the business requirements mentioned by the client. The project team will not go through the deep testing of each and every module.
  • It requires a separate lab environment for testing.  
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