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8086 program to reverse 8 bit number using 8 bit operation
  • Last Updated : 14 Jun, 2018

Problem – Write an assembly language program in 8086 microprocessor to reverse 8 bit number using 8 bit operation.

Example – Assume 8 bit number is stored at memory location 2050

Algorithm –

  1. Load contents of memory location 2050 in register AL
  2. Assign 0004 to CX Register Pair
  3. Rotate the contents of AL by executing ROL instruction using CX
  4. Store the content of AL in memory location 2050

Program –

Memory Address Mnemonics Comments
400 MOV AL, [2050] AL<-[2050]
404 MOV CX, 0004 CX <- 0004
407 ROL AL, CX Rotate AL content left by 4 bits(value of CX)
409 MOV [2050], AL [2050]<-AL
40D HLT Stop Execution

Explanation –

  1. MOV AL, [2050] loads contents of memory location 2050 in AL
  2. MOV CX, 0004 assign 0004 to CX register pair
  3. ROL AL, CX rotate the content of AL register left by 4 bits i.e. value of CX register pair
  4. MOV [2050], AL stores the content of AL in 2050 memory address
  5. HLT stops executing the program

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