8086 program to multiply two 8 bit numbers

Problem – Write a program in 8086 microprocessor to multiply two 8-bit numbers, where numbers are stored from offset 500 and store the result into offset 600.

Examples – Inputs and output are given in Hexadecimal representation.

Algorithm –

  1. Load data from offset 500 to register AL (first number)
  2. Load data from offset 501 to register BL (second number)
  3. Multiply them (AX=AL*BL)
  4. Store the result (content of register AX) to offset 600
  5. Stop

Program –

400 MOV SI, 500 SI=500
403 MOV DI, 600 DI=600
406 MOV AL, [SI] AL<-[SI]
408 INC SI SI=SI+1
409 MOV BL, [SI] BL<-[SI]
40D MOV [DI], AX AX->[DI]

Explanation –

  1. MOV SI, 500 set 500 to SI
  2. MOV DI, 600 set 600 to DI
  3. MOV AL, [SI] load contents of offset SI to register AL
  4. INC SI increase value of SI by 1
  5. MOV BL, [SI] load contents of offset SI to register BL
  6. MUL BL multiply contents of register AL and BL
  7. MOV [DI], AX store the result (contents of register AX) to offset DI
  8. HLT End.

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