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8085 program to find square root of a number

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Problem – Write an assembly language program in 8085 microprocessor to find square root of a number. Example – Assumptions – Number, whose square root we need to find is stored at memory location 2050 and store the final result in memory location 3050. Algorithm –

  1. Assign 01 to register D and E
  2. Load the value, stored at memory location 2050 in accumulator A
  3. Subtract value stored at accumulator A from register D
  4. Check if accumulator holds 0, if true then jump to step 8
  5. Increment value of register D by 2
  6. Increment value of register E by 1
  7. Jump to step 3
  8. Move value stored at register E in A
  9. Store the value of A in memory location 3050

Program –

2000MVI D, 01D <- 01
2002MVI E, 01E <- 01
2004LDA 2050A <- M[2050]
2007SUB DA <- A – D
2008JZ 2011Jump if ZF = 0 to memory location 2011
200BINR DD <- D + 1
200CINR DD <- D + 1
200DINR EE <- E + 1
200EJMP 2007Jump to memory location 2007
2011MOV A, EA <- E
2012STA 3050A -> M[3050]

Explanation – Registers used A, D, E:

  1. MVI D, 01 – initialize register D with 01
  2. MVI E, 01 – initialize register E with 01
  3. LDA 2050 – loads the content of memory location 2050 in accumulator A
  4. SUB D – subtract value of D from A
  5. JZ 2011 – make jump to memory location 2011 if zero flag is set
  6. INR D – increments value of register D by 1. Since it is used two times, therefore value of D is incremented by 2
  7. INR E – increments value of register E by 1
  8. JMP 2007 – make jump to memory location 2007
  9. MOV A, E – moves the value of register E in accumulator A
  10. STA 3050 – stores value of A in 3050
  11. HLT – stops executing the program and halts any further execution

Advantages of finding the square root:

  • It is an important mathematical operation used in various fields, such as engineering, physics, and finance.
  • It can be used to find the distance between two points in a coordinate plane, the length of a side of a square, or the velocity of an object.
  • It is a fundamental operation used in more advanced mathematical operations, such as calculus.

Disadvantages of finding the square root:

  • It can be a time-consuming and complex operation, especially for larger numbers.
  • Some methods for finding the square root may not always provide an exact answer and may require rounding or approximations.
  • The accuracy of the result may depend on the chosen method and the number of iterations used.
Last Updated : 07 May, 2023
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