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8085 program to find smallest number between two numbers

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Problem – Write an assembly language program to find smallest number between two number’s. 

Example – 


Algorithm – 

  1. Load the content from memory location 
  2. Move content of Accumulator into Register
  3. Load the content from Memory location 
  4. Compare the content of Register
  5. If carry flag is equal to 1 go to step 7 
  6. Move content of Register B into Accumulator 
  7. Store the content into Memory 
  8. End of program 

Program – 


MemoryMnemonicsUse OperandComments
2003MOV B, A [B]<-[A]
2007CMP B [A]<-[A]-[B]
2008JC *[200C]jump carry
200BMOV A, B [A]<-[B]

Explanation – 

  1. LDA is used to load accumulator (3 Byte instruction). 
  2. CMP is used to compare the content of accumulator (1 Byte instruction). 
  3. STA is used to store accumulator direct using 16-bit address (3 Byte instruction). 
  4. JC jump if carry (3 Byte instruction). 
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Last Updated : 30 May, 2022
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