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7 Tech Trends Expected to Rule in the Post-Covid World

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  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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The post-Covid world will be welcoming digital readiness as an ultimate catalyst that has accelerated development truly in an innovative manner. But the question which arises here is – Will the businesses, healthcare, or any other economic sector extracting solutions suspend their operations or reduce any of them? Are you again stuck in a dilemma while making the decision? Or there is something that is really affecting the bottom line. One needs to find the answers to such questions through rules or tech trends prevalent after the COVID-19 age. 


Let’s discuss those top tech trends changing the meaning of communication, production, or healthcare with much excellence without neglecting the norms of social distancing.  

1. AI for Redefining the Meaning of Communication Solutions

Communication solutions are vital because they not only grow your businesses well but also invite unbeatable customer loyalty. Thinking whether or not AI and its systems are capable of reciprocating the same! Yes, on the basis of data types like numerical, categorical, or time-series related, such systems optimize various business-related parameters which not only entertain better decision-making but also let the existing networks transfer themselves from shared spectrum to high-band or low-band spectrum. All these solutions offered by Artificially Intelligent Systems are assisting the businesses to capture credible user experience since a user is now not worried if or not the product he/she is using is pleasing to use. Henceforth, the AI trend has all those qualities whose communication solutions not only reciprocate healthier customer retention but also investigate and solve user’s problems meaningfully, thereby redefining the definition of user experience.

2. Cloud Computing for Managing Well the Newer Wave of Workloads

The newer wave of workloads needs to be managed with flexibility and scalability which is potentially offered by secure and robust cloud-computing services. Curious to know what such services could be! They are advanced-level networking, disciplined and consistent databases, seamless and automated servers, intelligent analytics, and software proposing swifter innovation in the post-covid world. As per the Microsoft report, a spike of more than 775 percent in the demand for cloud services has been detected since the first layer of COVID started and this is because the trend of WFH has begun. So, if the managers or other top-notch business authorities are planning to supervise and collaborate with their team members or customers for fulfilling the requirements and adapting well to the changing market trends, then they may opt for Cloud computing services. This will be helping them establish symmetry between the workloads (either application or material-related) and requirements that change with time.  

3. 5G Networks for Fulfilling the Growing Demands of Bandwidth and Speed

5G Networks are the new buzz of this ever-growing post-covid world. This is because such networks possess higher bandwidths and lower latencies that can cope really up well with the increasing demand for quality-of-internet services initiated by the current generation. Moreover, remote surgeries and zero-distance connectivity for billions of people can be supported and stabilized brilliantly by the network aforementioned thereby promising us a better standard of living where comfort and wellness won’t be compromised. So, if you are the one thinking whether or not 5G Network will demonstrate its expansion globally, then the answer would be Yes as a lot more users and other businesses (like small or mid-scale) are ready to mingle with the massive scalability and amazing solutions practically exhibited by the advent of 5G in real-times.  

4. Telehealth for Providing Primary-Level Healthcare Services

Are you the one thinking telehealth will demand a genius internet connection? Yeah, to ensure that healthcare consultation offered by the doctors and other medical experts (who aren’t only well-trained but educated too) is conveyed appropriately to the patients whose health conditions are severe, telehealth will be there standing by confidently and cost-effectively in the presence of speedier and reliable internet connectivity. In addition, some telehealth services like RPM, AKA Store-&-Forward, mHealth/Mobile Health are reaching more and more patients. Due to this, doctors’ and patients’ overheads related to costs and healthcare quality are eliminated at a primary level thereby reciprocating convenience and freedom from infections prevalent in the post-covid world. What else one may dare to demand when telehealth can capably listen to all your prayers and financial worries with no compromise on efficiency and collaboration while practicing medical practices with patients virtually!

5. IoT Solutions for Handling the Post-COVID Spike of Smart Devices

Post-COVID spike of smart devices, smart grocery stores, and smart kitchens can only be handled praiseworthily by IoT solutions. Those solutions will keep all the social distancing norms in mind so that increasing the number of IoT devices (30.73 billion in the 2020 year to 75.44 billion by the end of the 2025 year as per the research of can contribute well to development, marketing, and better business opportunities. In addition, IoT solutions will promote safety in working environments so that the employees can actively be offered reasonable freedom from recurring or non-recurring dangers that are making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Such solutions related to the internet and associated things like gadgets, furniture, and so on will make people more aware of the importance of digital readiness, safety, and development offered by IoT solutions imbibing business values and trusted engagement which can document and secure the future of our upcoming generations in a fantastic way.  

6. 3D Printing for Making the Production More Flexible

3D Printing is another form of manufacturing that is addictive. This is because it creates attractive plus addictive computer designs layer-by-layer via a three-dimensional object. Curious to know the challenges associated with this addictive form of manufacturing! Yes, there are a few and start with intellectual property issues that arise in producing parts severely safeguarded by a patent. Another is related to the creation of surgical masks solely dependent on regulatory approvals and such approvals are granted after a longer duration. There are other unsolved issues in 3D Printing but they won’t be stopping an energetic businessman to extract productional flexibility. This is because one may produce products (through three-dimensional printing) that can be accessed in a variety of designs without any need for a lengthy procurement process. So, you may step ahead towards the massive production of products supporting 3D Printing shielded with ease-of-access and minimized wastes.

7. Blockchain Technology for Upgrading Business Transparency

Blockchain Technology will be transparent and accurate while reporting the responses related to healthcare, donations, and crisis management. Post-Covid World would be lucky as it will be shaking helping hands with such a secured and smart technology whose contributions are progressively received by the victims or non-victims. Whether we talk about tracking and reviewing the records of supply chains or alerting governments with the concept of smart cities, blockchain is readily available for preventing the worsening of the situation. Moreover, it has fueled interoperable networks with which data exchange and robust connectivity amongst the peers is integrated well with transparency and boosted revenue. What else one may expect from blockchain technology other than this whose value is irreplaceable and hence, helping us make better decisions by clearing all the clutters out!

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