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7 Personality Traits That Can Kill Your Career

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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You must have read about the desired qualities of people in your profession. However, knowing the personality traits that might hamper your career growth is equally important. Some of these traits might even jeopardize your entire career if you are unaware of them. Therefore, it is always best to keep things in check and know the good and the bad to see a holistic picture.

Toxic Personality Traits That Can Ruin Your Career:

Let us look at the seven daunting traits that can jeopardize your career:

1. Self-Absorbed Nature

Have you ever come across a person who makes every conversation about them? Around them, it seems like they are the center of the universe, and nothing else matters. This kind of personality trait is a sure-shot way to distance people. Nobody likes a person who is always talking about themselves and uninterested in what others say.

Besides, people with self-absorbed nature give most of the credit to themselves whenever they finish a group task or work on a team project. However, they might unknowingly take all the attention, which will affect their relationships with their colleagues.

So, if you think that there is a teeny-tiny possibility of you being a self-absorbed person, then now is the time to work on it!

2. Cribbing About The Task Assigned

Who likes people that are always complaining and cribbing about whatever task is given to them? However little they are assigned, they would still say they have “so much work to do”. Or they might just kill the mood of the entire cabin by spreading their negative vibes and low mood that all others start cribbing about the work.

Complaining is one of the main reasons for the decrease in efficiency. Therefore, if you find yourself cribbing about things on a regular basis, then you need to STOP today!

3. Trying To Act Bossy

Would you like to be in the company of a person who likes to act like they know it all and you need to follow their instructions or else you will be doomed? Well, such people are liked by none. So, it is crucial to understand that if you wish to lead, do that politely and with caution. Your tone, posture, and attitude will define your relationship with the people around you in the workplace. Therefore, acting bossy is a big NO NO. Avoid that at all costs.

4. The “I Know It All” 

Do you find yourself saying, “yeah, I know that”? If so, you belong to the “know it all” tribe and need to abandon this tribe as early as possible.

Well, there is no problem in being aware of things. Still, it becomes irritating when you keep people at the edge and never allow them to share their opinions/views properly. When you disturb the line of thought while the other person is speaking, you pass an impression that you know everything they are going to say, making them feel undervalued and unappreciated.

Give people their share of time and space to express themselves. Listen to whatever they say, even if you already know what they will say. After all, you never know. They might add a little piece of information completely out of your sight earlier.

5. Holding Grudges

People who hold grudges tend to be mischievous and always on their toes. They are looking for ways to mend their ways and set hurdles in the way of the person they are annoyed with.

Spending most of your time planning how to make others’ lives difficult kills the whole production process of the workplace. Therefore, people like to maintain an arm’s distance from people who hold grudges.

6. Gossip Monger

Gossips are no. 1 pass time for everyone who likes to indulge in them. And people from all walks of life must have encountered one gossip monger in their lives/workplaces. It is because gossip mongers are everywhere and more so in the workspaces. Everyone pretends to like gossip mongers, so they do not get a chance to cook gossip against them.

So, if you think you are among the gossip monger tribe, you need to control yourself and mind your business as much as possible.

7. Too Nosy

“Oh, you left early last night. Did you go on a date?” OR “You seem to be talking to the boss more than you used to. Is there something cooking between the two of you?”

Nobody likes such comments and questions from colleagues until you are their good friend. So, acting too nosy with colleagues can be detrimental to your overall career growth in that company. Avoid asking any personal questions until you two already know each other well. Besides, even if you are friends with your colleagues, being too nosy could ruin your friendship and career.

With these seven personality traits, you can ruin your career in any field whatsoever. These are the prime traits that are annoying at their best and detrimental to your job at its worst.

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