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7 Most In-Demand and Well-Paying Career Options For 2021

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Everyone knows how the year 2020 has led to various uncertainties in the job market, due to the global pandemic situation. Companies have downsized their workforce and employees are facing salary cuts or some of them have even lost their jobs due to layoffs scenario. 

Amidst this situation, those who are most worried are college students or freshers who are just about to start their professional careers in the upcoming year, 2021. 


They’re in the great worry of finding out a worthwhile career option that can give them a magnifying start to get into the professional world. Though no one can deny the fact that in the upcoming year, many job profiles will get outdated and out of demand but it is also true that several others are all set to witness a huge spike in their popularity & demand.  As per the reports, career options like Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, etc. will be in great demand in the year 2021.

So, all you need to do is find these career options that will dominate the market in 2021 and then upskill yourself to make a rewarding career in the respective field. Okay, let’s make it easier for you – below we’ve mentioned a list of several most In-demand and well-paying career options for the year 2021:

1. Data Science Professional

If you ask random industry experts that if it is worthy to make a career in the Data Science discipline in the year 2021 then chances are high that 9 out of 10 will respond in the favor of this particular field. And when Harvard Business Review has already termed it as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” then there is nothing much left to discuss on. Also, as organizations are depending more on data-driven insights to evolve, companies from different industry sectors are working with the Data Science technology and looking for proficient Data Science professionals. According to the IBM report, there will be significant growth of around 30% in Data Science jobs by the end of this year, 2020

Moreover, the average salary of a Data Science professional (with experience of less than 1-year) is around INR 5-6 LPA and you can make a worthwhile career in the Data Science domain under various particular profiles such as Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Analyst, etc.

2. Digital Marketing Expert

Do you know Digital Marketing is one of those few domains that has not negatively affected by the pandemic?

Yes, in fact, it has emerged as the savior to most of the online businesses by helping them to reach out to their target audience for achieving their business goals even in the global outbreak. And considering the rapidly increasing number of internet users, the career of Digital Marketing Professionals seems to be remarkable and successful in the future. As per the reports, the Digital Marketing industry in India will reach around INR 230 Billion by the start of the year 2021 and the industry is likely to grow at an average of 12-13% annually in terms of creating job opportunities.

There are various specialized domains that come under Digital Marketing such as SEO Specialist, PPC Expert, Social Media Marketer, and many more. Also, apart from ravishing job opportunities, a Digital Marketing Expert can easily start something on his own such as blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.  

3. UI/UX Designer

However, UI/UX Designers have always been in great demand in the job market but as in the present-day scenario, organizations are giving more attention to the enhancement of user experience to attract a large base of users and so the demand for UI/UX Designer is also increasing in the tech world. Every tech giant, whether it be Adobe, Google, Amazon, or other, is looking for proficient UI/UX Designers for their respective platforms & products. The average salary of a User Interface / User Experience Designer in India is around INR 6-8 LPA.

In general, UI Designers are majorly responsible for designing the layout & interfaces and UX Designers are responsible to make the interaction of the user with the interface more convenient and engaging. Along with the required technical skills, you need to work on your creativity, problem-solving and research skills to make an enriching career as a UI/UX Designer. In addition, you’re recommended to maintain a good portfolio of your work to get noticed by employers or clients.

4. Full Stack Developer

Though companies still hire specialized individuals such as frontend developers, backend developers, database engineers, etc., the full-stack developers have started to get an edge over the former ones as it provides much-needed flexibility to the organizations in resource planning, and other aspects. Full Stack Developers are generally those IT professionals who acquire the knowledge of both – back-end and front-end development. Indeed, Full Stack Developer is a considerable career option for all those who want to make it big in the development field and yes, if you’re already proficient with any of one i.e., front-end development skills or backend development skills, you still can opt to become a full-stack developer by learning the other one.

Also, LinkedIn’s Report 2020 ranked Full-Stack Engineer/Developer at #4th position in the list of top emerging jobs. Meanwhile, the average salary of Full Stack Developers is also comparatively higher than other software developers. A Full Stack Developer with an experience of around 5-8 years can reach up to a package of 13-15 LPA approx.

5. CyberSecurity Professional

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks and hacking activities, cybersecurity professionals are high in demand in the tech world more than ever before. In fact, reports say that the career opportunities in the cybersecurity domain have already expanded by approx. 7-8% in the last few months. And by the year 2021-22, it has been estimated that there will be around 3 million new job opportunities for CyberSecurity Professionals.

Meanwhile, to make an enriching career in the cybersecurity discipline, you all are recommended to focus more on hands-on experience & practical exposure along with possessing some valuable certifications as well to make the career path more smooth for yourself. Also, the cybersecurity field is quite vast in itself and consists of numerous specific profiles such as Ethical Hacker, Cybersecurity Consultant, Network Security Engineer, and various others. In addition, the average annual salary of an entry-level cybersecurity professional is around INR 4-5 lakh in India.

6. Cloud Computing Professional

In today’s world, Cloud is single-handedly dominating the tech world and companies are relying more & more on cloud technologies to grow and stay competitive in the market. As per the reports, more than 80% of applications or software are going to be developed around Cloud Technologies in the upcoming years. And the worldwide Cloud Computing market is all set to reach around USD 350-380 Billion by the year 2021-22. So, the demand for highly skilled cloud computing professionals is also rising exponentially and it can surely be a ravishing career option in the year 2021.

Moreover, the job roles in Cloud Computing are ranged from fresher level to highly-experienced level and you can easily get into this particular field by working on the required skillset. The career domains that come under Cloud Computing are Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, etc. and the average salary of an entry-level cloud professional is around INR 5-7 lakh in India.

7. Content Developer

Content Development is one of those career options that have some really bright future prospects. Whether we talk about leading ed-tech firms or digital marketing companies or any other, they all are heavily relying on producing quality content. And this particular career domain is estimated to be grown by 13-15% annually and will provide numerous career opportunities to the individuals.

Being a content developer, you can create content for blogs, training programs, social media posts, etc. Also, you can develop content for podcasts and YouTube videos – though you’re recommended to identify your expertise area or niche before opting out for making a career as a content developer. Moreover, content developers are being paid quite well as per their skills. And yes, the best part of this career option is that you can get enough opportunities working as a freelancer and can start your own blog or website in any particular niche.

So, these are the several career options that are most likely to see a positive trend in the year 2021. You need to know that change is inevitable and you won’t survive in such a competitive era if you don’t upskill yourself as per the industry demand. You need to be practical and sensible while making career choices for yourself to pave the way for a bright future. Hence, instead of getting stuck in the worry of the future – find the relevant career option and start upskilling yourself NOW!!

Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2020
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