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7 Most Demanded Job Roles in Artificial Intelligence

  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021

Artificial Intelligence or AI is influencing many industries situated across the GLOBE. Even Forbes has predicted in one of its reports that the growth rate of its job roles is more than 70 percent. This is enforcing the tech-professionals to estimate what those job roles could be which can skyrocket their career graph. Moreover, this growth rate has allowed the AI market to capture brilliant sources of revenue worldwide since it is now possible to understand the requirements of the existing users. And then, the organizations would be offering the services related to hardware or software as per the specifications highlighted.


Are you the one curious to know what those AI roles are and how much they can potentially pay after you acquire experience of a few months or more than 2 years? Nothing is bad there in knowing about such roles somehow associated with making the decisions faster or recognizing new inventions in a valuable manner. The time has now come to take a smarter-deep dive on those job roles somewhere helping you explore more about the latest technological advancements from a business perspective.

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1. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer isn’t only involved with customer insights and risk management but also takes additional initiatives which continuously simplify Machine Learning principles from a company’s perspective. Undoubtedly, some extraordinary data management traits are already preoccupied in the minds of Machine Learning or ML Engineers through which they deal commendably with the magnificent data available out there. It is one of the reasons why this job role is preferred by individuals somewhere inclined towards neural networks, cloud applications, or value-added advantages of software development tools. What else would you be demanding now for acquiring control over the field of Artificial Intelligence as you can now make use of huge chunks of data without thinking much about the available timestamps?

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An Artificially Intelligent Engineer knows well how to fore-understand business problems with his/her scope of tremendous knowledge plus countless years of experience. With a BRILLIANT efficiency of handling the present-day AI Infrastructure, the concerned person can’t only develop but also apply and test AI algorithms mandatory to meet the surging demands of the users or clients. Imagining how much the person will be paid on a yearly basis? As per several standard survey reports, such professionals with around 1 or 2 years of experience are gaining 8 to 14 Lakhs per annum without any doubts. So, if you are the ones interested in predicting precise plus efficient business decisions through correct economical statistics or applied NLP, then this in-demand job role can now be adopted for better career growth.

3. Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence Developer – are you thinking if or not it is relatable with Artificial Intelligence? This question is troubling many individuals eager to acquire a proper understanding of a BUSINESS SITUATION through their quickness and keenness. Yes, this profile can be related to Artificial Intelligence because here, a person will be optimizing a variety of business processes with his/her analytical and BI-centric (i.e. Business Intelligence Centric) capabilities. Indeed, the person is aware of computer programming and other complicated cloud-based platforms for which companies like Amazon are willing to pay 14 Lakhs or more on a yearly basis. All you need to do is intensify your interest in this profile so that you may acquire a hold over this position whose demand would not be diminishing SOONER in the future.  

4. Research Scientist

Research Scientists or PERFORMANCE-EXCLUSIVE individuals – both can be grouped in the same bucket. Reason? They can turn the tables anytime, anywhere through reinforcement learning and benchmarked graphical models not going to diminish till the next generation surpasses. Moreover, the salaries offered by the organizations to those individuals supersede the average range of around 6-10 LPA having an experience of around 1 year. Curious to anonymously submit your token of love in this job role! Yes, you must do this, but before that, you should be gaining expertise in fields like Deep Learning, NLP, Advance-Level Statistics, computer perception, distributed computing, and much more.

5. Data Scientist

Data Scientists – these persons are the kings or you may say VICE -PRESIDENTS of the field of Artificial Intelligence. Indistinguishably, they are much concerned with extracting excellent data patterns most promisingly impacting past and present information in a positive manner. Also, they are gifted with exceptional communication skills mandatory to interact with profit-oriented outcomes from a business perspective. Apart from all of this, they are comfortable with formal or informal programming codes of SQL, Scala, or Python because of which, they are able to streamline well, the complexity of the AI tasks assigned by their senior managers or team leaders.

6. Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer knows really well how to maintain and develop big data architectures capable of obtaining business-aligned outcomes. Popular as a rumor in the current market, such engineers are fetching not only awesome salaries but fantastic perks too. The most obvious reason – they are able to handle complex as well as most obvious requirements of the customers through languages like Java, SQL, Hadoop, and Kafka. And if you initiate a conversation about their salaries, they are paid around 7-10 lakhs annually in India. After they gain a few years of experience, earning more than the said range isn’t a big CHALLENGE for them as now they will be acquiring real-time skills like Data Structures, R, Python, Distributed Systems, and Data Pipelines.

7. Robotics Scientist

Robotic Scientists are conversely shining in the list of AI Job roles. This is because the concerned person not only designs OSs (Operating Systems) but also tests the cost-functions associated with building mechanical devices pronounced as ROBOTS. Aware of automation, such scientists ensure that robots aren’t only performing reliably, but in a safe and cost-effective manner too. Thinking if you can become the same! Yes, but before, you’re recommended to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics, Computer Science Engineering, or another related field. 

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