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7 Interesting Tools for Programmers to Enhance Productivity

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  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2022
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A good programmer is not only concerned with WRITING CODES, but he has to look upon several other facets as well like the code should be clean, optimized, easily maintainable, etc. It certainly requires a lot of focus and concentration of the programmer. And above all that, when he is expected to show better productivity and efficiency traits – things become more challenging, isn’t it…??

Take a look at these words of Steve McConnell – “It is better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive.” That’s perhaps would make you understand better that how the programmer’s productivity is talk of the town for ages.  


But what if you’re told that you can conveniently enhance your productivity and unleash your maximum potential while doing programming? Sounds exciting, right? 

Yes, you can do the same! 

However, let us tell you first that there is not any magic pill or shortcut trick behind it instead there are various tools and software out there in the market that all the programmers can use to maximize their productivity and efficiency level.  

These productivity tools can help you in avoiding distractions and making focus, time tracking, managing various tasks efficiently and conveniently such as file sharing, team collaboration, project management, and many others. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started with the 7 best tools for programmers that will help you to increase the productivity level to a greater extent.  

1. Git

Most probably many of you are already using Git – if not, then you must explore this great productivity tool for programmers. Git is a distributed version control system that allows you to track the changes in program files and widely used for effective source code management. In simple words, when you work on a project or module – you often make changes regularly to the code till it gets finalized. This version control system saves every change and enables other individuals also to make changes. It also allows you to revert back to the previous stable state conveniently in case of any error or issue. It makes the collaboration process much easier among multiple developers and ensures that there will not be any code conflict among them. Other than that, Git is free, open-source, and very much secure. To save a larger chunk of development time and fasten the entire process, every programmer should opt for Git and you can use Git for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.  

2. The Silver Searcher

How many times have you found yourself searching for a specific piece of code within a document consisting of thousands of lines of code? 

Indeed, it’s a usual task for the programmers. However, it really takes a considerable of time and not only time but you’re also required to put some dedicated efforts while reading and searching through the code. But, The Silver Searcher tool is here is to make things easier for you! It is actually a code searching tool similar to Ack but is quite faster than that. It allows you to find a specific code from a huge document efficiently and conveniently and leverages you with some enriching features like – the command name is quite shorter compared to Ack, all keys are on the home row, ignores the file patterns from your .gitignore, and .hgignore, and many more. Above all that, it is free to use and is compatible with Mac, Linux & Windows as well. Hence, from now onwards, whenever you need to find a specific code from a document – do remember, The Silver Searcher.

3. F.lux

As they said a programmer can work from anywhere on this planet – all he primarily requires is a working laptop and a good internet connection. However, it is taken as an advantage there is also a major problem that arises from this – as programmers spend a considerable amount of their working time in front of the screen, it is not something appreciable in particular for their eyes. Though you can use F.lux to get rid of this problem or at least to minimize the impact.  

F.lux adjusts the color of your device screen in accordance with the time. For example, it keeps the screen color like sunlight during the day times and makes it warm at night. You can also adjust the settings as per your preferences. It prevents your eyes to get from the harmful blue light of the screen, makes you more comfortable with the environment, and eventually increases your productivity. Flux is free to use and is available for Windows, Mac, etc.  

4. Clockify

Time-tracking is one of the best practices for programmers to find out and work on their efficiency and productivity issues. It helps you to identify those tasks that take quite a long time of yours while doing programming so that you can accordingly work on them and increase your efficiency & productivity. And to do time tracking conveniently, there’s a tool for you – Clockify.  

Clockify is a popular time tracker that allows you to track work hours across projects or tasks in a very simple way – all you need to do is start the timer and end it after completion of the task. In case, if you forget to start the timer – you can add time details manually as well. Other than that, Clockify provides you with a visual report that helps you to gain valuable insights into your productivity and time management skills. Several additional features such as easy integration with other external apps, targets & reminders, etc. also come up with Clockify.

5. Habitica

Habitica is one of the most recommended productivity tools for all the programmers out there. It allows you to treat your work or tasks as a role-playing game where you get level-up after the task completion, win in-game rewards, and get punishments as well in case of task failure that eventually motivates you to accomplish the particular goals or tasks efficiently and increase your productivity. Here you can conveniently track your habits, daily goals and do other tasks with a very intuitive interface.

Habitica is a free-to-use tool, and you can simply start using it after signing up. Firstly, you’re required to create a character, and then you can assign the daily tasks, one-time tasks along with indicating habits. Also, for a team of programmers, you can opt to add the complete project in a group quest and sync it with everyone. You should definitely opt to explore Habitica if you want to develop new habits and work on projects with the help of a game-like environment.

6. Cold Turkey

If you’re also one of those individuals who struggle to resist getting distracted by social media, OTT platforms, gaming sites, etc. over the web then we’ve found a very worthwhile tool for you – Cold Turkey.  

Cold Turkey allows you to block any distracting resources on your system whether it be social media sites, desktop applications, games, or even the local files such as movies, web series, etc saved on your computer. Here you can opt to lock your block as per your time preferences and honestly, like other website blockers, it is not that easier to cheat Cold Turkey. In addition, you’re provided with a motivational quote to remind you that instead of using the particular website or application you should be focusing on your task or ongoing work. Several other features such as Dark Mode, Allowances and Breaks, Statistics about what you spend time on, etc. will also be provided. Don’t you think these features are enough to stop you from getting distracted and increase your productivity?

7. MantisBT

Needless to say – wherever there is a program, there will be bugs too! However, finding bugs usually takes a lot of time for the developer and hinders his efficiency & productivity. Though MantisBT can help you with that. MantisBT is a web-based bug tracking system that is used for tracking errors or defects in the code and reporting them accordingly. It sends email notifications to update you or other members of your team with the reported issues. You also have the flexibility to customize your issue fields, notifications, and workflow. You can easily start using MantisBT for your projects by downloading it, and also you can give it a try to demo options first.

If you want to become more efficient and enhance your productivity as a programmer – then you should definitely explore MantisBT without giving a second thought.

So, these are several tools that can help all the programmers to increase their productivity and efficiency. Let us tell you priorly that these tools are not placed in any ranking order – these all are important on their own, and you can choose any of them (or all ones) at your convenience. Also, you can’t expect to see any positive change in your productivity level from Day 1 – you’ll be required to keep patience and do honest with your work then only these tools will help you to become a more productive programmer!!

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