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7 Best Tips To Get Hired at FAANG Companies

Last Updated : 07 Jun, 2022
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FAANG refers to the stock of the five most renowned tech companies in the world; these are Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Global recognition, extremely high packages, excellent learning atmosphere, comfortable working hours, and a lot more; this is what attract job seekers to these top-notch companies.


Though let us tell you, Amazon gets nearly 18-20 job applications per minute, Apple has only a 2-3% acceptance rate, and Google receives almost three million job applications per year, so you need to stand beyond the genius bar to land in these brands. Now, this may seem to be just impossible, but with systematic preparation and proper guidance, you can convert your dream into reality. We will try to make this challenge significantly easy for you.

In this blog, we will discuss the seven best tips to get hired at FAANG Companies. So let’s get started.

1. Research Well About the Company

The time you spend researching the company can enhance your chances of selection to a great extent. Being able to talk about your strengths and achievements is essential, but knowing about the company will provide you with an edge, especially when competition is really high. This will also reflect your enthusiasm for working there. Some of the major advantages of research are:

  • It makes you feel confident
  • Reflects that you are prepared
  • It helps you to know about a company’s culture
  • Enhance your chances of selection
  • Shows your excitement about the company

There are several ways to research the company before your interview. Firstly you can explore their official website to get information about their mission, accomplishments, goals, and services. In addition, you can find the latest information about the company by a glance at their social media handles. This will surely manifest your strong interest in working with the organization and provide you with an ace among your competitors.

2. Work On Your Basics

To get selected in the FAANG companies you need to have a solid foundation in your technical concepts. You need to have knowledge of fundamental technical concepts like:

These are some of the basic concepts which you need to work on to get selected at FAANG companies.

3. Practice Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions that you will undoubtedly face are:

  • Tell something about yourself – Make sure you answer this compellingly and concisely. Also, ensure to tailor your answer as per the job description.
  • Why do you want to work with our company? – Do your research and find something unique and appealing which will satisfy the recruiter about your interest.
  • Why do you want this job? – In this, you must mention the key factors that make you fit for this role and your passion for working with that company.
  • What are your greatest strengths? – Answer this question in terms of quality, not quantity. Your answer must include your strengths aligned with the job profile.
  • Why should we hire you? – Your answer to this question must manifest: that you are fit as per their requirements and are better than other candidates.

Practice is the main ingredient to success. Make sure to practice these questions to amaze the interviewer with your confidence.

4. Get Complete Information About the Interview Process

Understanding the interview process is one of the most crucial steps. The best way is to connect with HRs and understand the process. They can provide you with a complete layout or recommend some sources that can be really helpful.

You can also visit the company’s official website and search for tips and preparation guides. You can also refer to online forums like GeeksforGeeks where thousands of candidates have mentioned their interview experiences at FAANG companies. You can inherit important information from their experiences and work on it.

5. Practice Programming Questions  

Practicing coding questions is really crucial to getting hired at FANNG companies. Dedicated practice of coding will boost your confidence and help you solve challenging problems with ease. So always ensure that you practice as many programming questions as you can in the language mentioned in the job description. To get more information about the coding question patterns and become proficient in this domain, you can visit standard platforms like GeeksforGeeks, etc. 

6. Tailor Your Resume As Per Job Requirements

Hiring managers often get thousands of resumes for a single job profile. So the best way to get noticed is to tailor your resume as per the requirements. This will justify your enthusiasm and prove that you are fit for this profile.

Your resume must include:

  • The information manifests that you are just the right choice for a job profile.
  • A separate section of your technical skills
  • Appropriate keywords as per job description
  • Relevant accomplishments and projects
  • Must be visually appealing

7. Take Guidance From Experts  

We are living in a digital age, and we need to embrace this concept to prosper in today’s competitive world. You can use social media sites like LinkedIn, etc. to connect with the professionals working in FAANG companies and get details about their preparation journey. Knowing these details can make the learning process relatively easy for you.


A job at FAANG means insanely high salary, amazing growth opportunities, global recognition, and the list goes on. However, to land in these top-notch brands requires consistent hard work and the right strategy. Follow these seven tips and techniques mentioned above to amaze recruiters with your impressive skills and land your dream company.

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