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7 Best Tips For Students To Stay Motivated When Studying

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 19 Jun, 2020
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Indeed, whether it be the new semester or a training program or any online course, etc., students always start it with great enthusiasm and dedication. However, this positive attitude doesn’t last long and most of the students find themselves struggling to stay motivated and maintain consistency in the studies. Even many hardworking and motivated people sometimes face a similar situation when they are unmotivated to do their studies or other tasks. But… Is it really challenging for students to stay motivated when studying? Never! All they need is to follow the right roadmap to get all the motivation for studies.


Meanwhile, there exist various signs that indicate the lack of motivation during studies among students such as reduced interest in studies, delaying the tasks, trouble in making focus & concentration, and many more. Although you’re not required to give up on your ongoing studies or tasks just because of such situations instead, you should consider it as a usual phase as it comes in almost every student’s life (at least once in a lifetime!). Here in this article, we’ll let you know about these 7 best tips that can help you to stay motivated when studying.

1. Note Down Your Reasons for Studying

Whether you’re feeling unmotivated or not, this is the fundamental aspect that you must need to do. You’re are required to think and write down all the reasons for which you are studying. You can ask several questions to yourself such as Why did you start the particular course? or What will you achieve after completion of the course or exam? etc. And whenever you find yourself in any dull or inconsistent situations, take a look at these reasons to remember all your goals and objectives behind your studies that will eventually motivate you to continue your studies with more hard work and dedication.

2. Set Realistic Study Goals

It is one of the major problems with the students which they often commit during their studies. Indeed, students usually create such complex timetables for themselves, try to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously, and focus on several unrealistic goals that eventually lead the students feeling unmotivated or struggling with their studies. Although, there is nothing bad in stretching yourself or expanding your boundaries, however, you also must take into account several crucial aspects before planning your study goals. The students are recommended to set short term goals, break down your tasks into smaller ones, make a simple & worthwhile study schedule, etc. to get better and effective results.

3. Set Up a Positive Study Environment

A positive and calm study environment is always necessary for students to stay motivated during studying. You are required to eliminate all the distractions from your study place to stay motivated and focused on your studies. Meanwhile, you are recommended to have a designated place for your studies with all the study-related stuff such as books, notes, etc. organized properly and try to remove everything unrelated to your study tasks from the particular space. And, a positive study environment doesn’t only tend to a well-organized study place but only concerns with the appropriate management of other resources such as laptops, mobile phones, etc.

4. Follow Your Own Study Approaches

Needless to say, it is only you who know what works for you. Hence, instead of hastily following another person’s studying or learning approaches, you’re recommended to try different approaches and find the relevant and worthwhile one for yourself. This can be understood as one student can learn something in one go whereas another student needs to study 2-3 times to adapt the same thing or one student shows betters results from self-study whereas another one needs some training or guidance to get command over a topic, etc. Moreover, the right study approach will not only make your learning process better and will also keep you motivated for your studies.

5. Reward Yourself

Yes, you must reward yourself for all your hard work and dedication that you put while studying to stay motivated and enthusiastic. Also, it doesn’t have to be something big but you can reward yourself with several short breaks, your favorite cuisine, a short walk, an extra hour sleep, etc. In fact, when you have something interesting to look forward to your studies, you get more motivated while studying. It is one of the best strategies to maintain consistency and get things done effectively. Moreover, rewarding yourself increases productivity and encourages you to accomplish further tasks or objectives as well.

6. Stay Connected With Others

Honestly, it is also crucial for students to connect with other students, mentors, family, etc. to stay motivated for your studies. Meanwhile, you may find people with negative vibes also but it’s up to you that how you tackle them without distracting from your goals and objectives. You are majorly recommended to join study groups or discussion forums while studying as it not only makes the learning process interesting but also offers a sense of accountability. Moreover, you can also opt for YouTube videos, relevant Social Media platforms, Blogs, etc. to stay connected with a better learning community.

7. Exercise Regularly

Last but not least, you’re required to do exercise regularly to keep your mind and body healthy which further helps you to stay motivated and study effectively. As per the reports, exercises such as swimming, running, etc. boost your thinking and concentration abilities more efficiently. In scientific terms, these activities provide appropriate oxygen and blood to your brain to keep the cells more active and emphasize you to move on a productive track. Furthermore, you are recommended to schedule these activities during the break between your study routine as it will help you to stay energized when you get back to your studies.

Although, you can’t expect to feel motivated all the time and there is nothing wrong to accept this situation. However, you’re required to not get stuck in that particular zone, and by following the above-mentioned strategies you can easily come out of such unmotivated or indifferent times. Lastly, always focus on your goals and objectives to stay motivated and get the things done!!

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