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7 Best Analytical Skills to Include on Your Resume

  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020

As the competition in the job market is rising rapidly, you’re required to possess some extra skills or learnings to grab the attention of the recruiters. Meanwhile, one of the most recommended solutions for this problem is to command over Analytical Skills!! Okay, let’s assume a situation — there are two candidates interviewed for the same profile. Both are possessing similar knowledge & experience but one is quite better with the time management process. Now, according to you, who would be hired? Undoubtedly, the one with having better time management skills. Indeed, you’re strongly recommended to possess and enhance these analytical skills to boost your resume & career!!


Before moving further, let’s discuss — What are Analytical Skills? Analytical Skills generally concerns with those skills that help you to make the execution of tasks and overall functioning of the organization easier and efficient. You’re required to utilize these analytical skills at the workplace to come up with optimal solutions for particular problems, make worthwhile decisions, etc. These analytical skills are demanded by almost every organization & furthermore, helps in every kind of job role whether it be developer, tester, researcher, or any other.  

Here, in this article, we’ll let you know about several prominent analytical skills that you can include in your resume to get various worthwhile career opportunities:

1. Effective Communication

The appropriate & effective communication is one of the basic (yet most underrated!!) aspects of analytical skills. Indeed, you can’t expect to excel in your job profile or to get other ravishing career opportunities if you’re unable to share your ideas or express yourself in a better way. Moreover, whether you’re required to collaborate with other teams, discussion with clients, or any other tasks in an organization, better communication skills are always a must. Being an effective communicator, you should have the ability to connect with others in a compelling & convincing manner. Furthermore, better communication skills do not only concerned with verbal communication, but you’re also required to consider non-verbal communication, written communication, or other related areas.  

2. Critical Thinking

Okay, let’s move to another crucial analytical skill — Critical Thinking. It is concerned with the process of thinking rationally about the particular topic or idea to get an in-depth understanding of the same. As a critical thinker, you’re required to consider every aspect of the particular subject or problem and it is quite essential in almost every organization or industry to achieve the desired goals. Moreover, you’re strongly recommended to take part in various coding challenges or contests such as Geeks Coding Challenge (GCC), International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), etc. to enhance your critical thinking skills along with the programming skills.  

3. Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis can be considered as the core skill that comes under Analytical Skillset. Meanwhile, the Research & Analysis skill is often regarded as a further process after critical thinking. An effective & worthwhile researcher is required to gather accurate information from relevant and standard resources & that too on time. Furthermore, along with better research skills, you should have proficiency in analysis tasks to find the appropriate data or information useful for the organization. You can enhance your research & analysis skills through various ways such as stay organized, utilize numerous online & offline resources, connect with the industry professionals, etc.  

4. Problem Solving

Indeed, every employer expects from their employees to have better problem-solving skills to solve the particular problems in the organization whether it be related to their allotted tasks or general issues or any other. Meanwhile, as an effective problem solver, you’re not only required to find the solution but you also need to ensure that the provided solution would be optimized, efficient, and worthwhile in all aspects. Moreover, having better problem-solving skills will help you out throughout your whole career and you can enhance your problem-solving skills through various ways such as performing various case study exercises, practicing aptitude & psychometric tests, etc.  

5. Creativity

Yes, when it comes to analytical skills, we can’t afford to ignore this most preferred & recommended skill i.e., Creativity! An individual can innovate new ideas or look upon the existing things with a unique attitude & perspective. As an employee with better creativity skills, you’re required to come up with different ideas, approaches, working methodologies, etc. in the organization regularly to improve the functioning & efficiency of the organization. You can enhance your creative skill set through various ways such as be curious about new things & explore them, accept new ideas & challenges positively, etc.  

6. Decision-Making

Now, let’s move to another prominent analytical skill that you can opt for yourself to boost your resume — Decision-Making! It shows the ability of an individual to choose the relevant options from various alternatives and to make valid judgments on behalf of the company. The person with the better decision-making skills is required to make appropriate decisions at the right time for the benefits of the organization. There are various ways following which one can easily enhance his Decision-Making skills such as considering both positive and negative aspects of a situation or subject, doing the cost-benefit analysis, and many more.  

7. Time Management

Last but not least — Time Management. The person with better time management skills completes the tasks or processes within a deadline that further increases the efficiency of the organization and helps to achieve the goals. The time management skills concerns with the process of organizing and prioritizing the tasks so that it can be done optimally and minimum duration. You can improve your time management skills through numerous ways such as setting short-term & long-term goals, prioritizing your tasks, avoiding procrastination, and many more.  

So, these are several most-recommended analytical skills that you can consider to list on your resume to get various career opportunities. Moreover, apart from the above-mentioned skills, there are several other skills as well such as leadership, project management, etc. that can also be taken into consideration. Now, what are you waiting for? Start to enhance these analytical skills, highlight them in your resume, and get an edge over other candidates in your upcoming interviews!!

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