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6 Best iOS Project Ideas For Beginners

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  • Last Updated : 29 Apr, 2022

If you have decided to start working on some fascinating project ideas then you need to think first before getting started. However, it’s not an easy task to find new project ideas for learning and improving any new programming language. Those who are trying their hands-on experience with an iOS app development can go with certain programming languages such as React Native, Flutter, Swift, Objective C, and so on. However, Apple adopted Swift as their official language for developing iOS apps for different platforms (Mac, iPhone, etc.) and swift is heavily used among developers throughout the world.


In the past few years, we’ve witnessed the enormous growth of the digitized market, especially in app development and the way people have accepted it with wide arms is quite extinguishing. Be it business (from small to medium), healthcare, or education, in fact, we’re surrounded by this trend all across the Internet. Interestingly, recently, as per a survey, iOS is moving every year with a growth of 6% (above 25% as of now) in India, and that’s the main reason why the company has started rolling out affordable iPhones.

In this field of opportunities, now is the best time to enter into the World of iOS app development and that’s why we thought to bring up something to uplift your skills. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the Best iOS Project Ideas that you can start right away.

6 Project Ideas for iOS app Development:

1. Doctor Appointment App

This app can allow patients to connect with their doctors over the platform. This has been the best solution so for to get a consultation in this digital world and will also enable patients to connect as per their suitable timing. This iOS app is an efficient way of overseeing the arrangements more adequately. It will generally consist of two major units i.e. patient and doctor. On one side, the patient will open the application and with a few clicks, s/he can schedule an appointment without making any inquiry calls or waiting. Whereas on the other hand, doctors will also save a lot of time which usually takes (like filing up basic details, time slots, staff management) and so on. However, this could be a game-changing project idea for you to give a kickstart in the iOS development and you’ll have to consider some of the below pointers will starting this project:

  • As per a survey, there are billions of active individuals that are using health-related services and at this pace, it is expected to increase somewhere around $230 Billion in the next couple of years.
  • This app will not only save time but will also focus on eliminating human errors
  • It becomes easy to manage and track records, especially when data is stored in the central DB

For Example: Practo

2. Money Management App

The next one on this list is a budgeting app that can help users to manage the flow of money in their day-to-day lives. You can categorize users into two large segments, where one is those who are money-minded people and always takes a path towards saving whereas the other one is the spenders who want to control their expenditures and have no control over their expenses. This app can be a life safer and can teach its users how they can control their expenditures. Recently, a report suggested that 20% of Americans exhausted their wallet during the pandemic and that it all happened due to mismanagement of the budget. On the other hand, there are countries like London, where people seek help with money management tools (under the age of 30) for spending wisely. Thus, this app can work like a charm and it will easily track all the user’s expenditures by pulling out all the necessary details from the bank and other sources of investments and will keep them parallel to maintain the graph. Besides this, there are certain things to consider for you as a developer before hopping into this project idea:

  •  This app idea can also be helpful in tracking and updating real-time transactions.
  • The money management app will provide full insight and will also provide various options for investments.
  • The opportunities are huge in fintech in 2022 and it is expected to be somewhere between $310 Billion at a CAGR of 25%

For Example: Mint

3. Compare – Car App

With the advancement of technology, today people have become so reliable with technology that they want everything under their thumb. Earlier like people used to visit showrooms, but with the change of time and pandemics, most things are now becoming digital. Just like “Car”, Yes, today people are eager to look into every specification before stepping out of their house. This app can be built in such a way that users would be able to select 2 cars and an automatic report will pop up right in front of them by which they can compare all of the specifications on a single screen. However, this app can have solidified other functions too that you can consider if you’re planning to get started with this iOS application:

  • If the user will request a detailed report, a brief report will be generated along with all the information and can be sent to the user’s mail address.
  • It can be helpful in saving customers’ time.
  • An admin panel will be created by which user accounts can be handled and any unauthorized activity or comment will be monitored and will be removed from the admin’s end.

For Example: CarDekho

4. Sleep Tracking App

As we are moving forward and surrounded by technology, people are becoming more and more tech-friendly and they are trying to do everything they can which is tech-built. However, today users have been curious about maintaining and analyzing the data of their sleep records to check for any irregularities. This has never been an easy task but machine learning and artificial intelligence and advancement in hardware capabilities have made it possible in today’s time. The requirement arises when a survey was conducted where it was observed that people do face challenges in their sleep patterns. This app will help in collecting data on wake-up time, sleep duration, and any unusual distraction. Besides this, users would be getting an option to customize their tracking requirements. This can be a challenging and a perfect project idea for iOS app development, however, you need to focus on a few things before processing ahead:

  • For creating this app, all entries are required to be stored over the server that can be called anytime whenever the user asks for
  • The signup feature can be added to social accounts so that it can sound more appealing
  • This project can be implemented using React

For Example: SleepCycle

5. Notebook

This is one of the best apps to work on for those who are trying to brush up their skills. It’s a basic app that you can create for writing, editing, and saving notes. This also allows users to share those notes across the platform and they will also have the facility to modify the contents whenever required. Besides this, being a developer, you can do some modifications to UI, add cool color contrasts, and add themes so that it can look beyond simple. You can also design in two patterns either in a short notepad with a word limit of up to 900-1000 words or the notepad can be crafted beyond these limits. However, being a clean and simple app, there are certain things to consider while working on this project:

  • This app is light weighted and can easily run with minimum requirements
  • Data can be centralized and can easily share with anyone as per the requirement
  • Suitable for beginners to get hands-on experience

For Example: Notebook-Notes

6. Online Store – Furniture

Following the trend, online stores have now become a game-changer in business for attracting customers. That’s why we bought the last iOS project as an online store for furniture apps. This app will enable opportunities and will open doors to showcase their business on a broad platform. However, online stores are not new in the trend but creating something for any specific industry can make a real impact. Not just this, if you’ll see the graph, the figures for online furniture stores have been booming from $509 Billion (2020) to $607 Billion (2025) *worldwide. So, you see the figures and opportunities that can be looked into beforehand, right? Now there are a few pointers to see before you actually try your hands-on:

  • Since furniture is considered a premium product so it is a must to have a nice and intuitive UI & UX for a rich experience.
  • AR can also be implemented for more clarity before buying
  • The app will be divided into 3 major divisions, first one would be the user panel, then the store owner, and at last admin panel.

For Example: UrbanLadder

The app development market is vast and with the growing pace and advancement iOS has become a pioneer. Even if you’re at an early stage, this article will definitely provide you with some additional guidance to enhance your development skills. However, the projects do not end here but we have carefully picked the 6 best iOS project ideas for you to enter into the development field.

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