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6 Best Career Options for BCA Graduates

  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2021
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Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is undoubtedly one of the most popular and preferred tech graduation programs alongside Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in our country. As the name suggests, this 3-year undergraduate program allows individuals to explore the world of computers & its applications and subsequently making them eligible for building a career in the Information Technology (IT) sector.  


But there’s exists a common misconception in a majority of the students’ minds that there are limited career options for BCA graduates compared to other tech graduation degree programs. However, it is not at all true as there is a wide range of career opportunities available for BCA graduates.

For instance, a BCA graduate is eligible for numerous tech jobs in various IT giants, or he/she is also eligible for various remarkable government jobs, or a BCA graduate can go for a relevant post-graduate program like MCA or MBA, etc. So, here in this article, we’re going to discuss several best career options for BCA graduates that they can consider in 2021 and beyond for bright and worthwhile career prospects.  

1. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

First and foremost, let’s talk about this post-graduation program that is often preferred by numerous BCA graduates to dive deeper into the world of computer applications. To pursue this 2-year PG program, students are required to opt-out from various subject specializations including Application Software, Management Information Systems (MIS), Software Development, etc. Accordingly, candidates after doing MCA can apply for job roles like – Network Engineer, Test Engineer, Database Administrator, etc. ‚ÄčIt is usually quite beneficial for the BCA graduates to pursue MCA also as various tech and non-tech companies prefer the candidates, during the recruitments, who hold both the degrees – BCA and MCA. Other than that, BCA graduates who want to build a career in the teaching field in their respective domain – then pursuing MCA would be really helpful for them also.  

2. Tech Jobs at IT Companies  

Many leading IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, etc. offer various career opportunities to BCA graduates for numerous job roles like Programmer, System Engineer, Software Developer, IT Analyst, and many others. As a BCA graduate, you will be eligible to apply for all these jobs and start your career In the IT sector conveniently. However, what all students, who’re currently pursuing BCA (or are planning to pursue), need to remember is that you must upskill yourself and become proficient with the required technical skills and knowledge for these job roles. Just a graduate degree in BCA won’t be sufficient alone to make the recruiters hire you. For example – if you’re planning to build your career as a Software Developer after completing your BCA then you should have a decent knowledge of programming fundamentals, data structures & algorithms, etc.  

3. Specialized Courses or Certifications

Another worthwhile career option for all BCA graduates is that they can go for some specialized courses or standard certifications to get into the professional world. For example – one can go for the Data Science domain as it is something in great demand in the industry. Similarly, those who’re looking forward to building a career in Cloud Computing can opt for the standard certification like AWS, Azure, etc. As a BCA graduate already holds a decent proficiency with core tech subjects like web technologies, computer networks, operating systems, etc. it provides them a learning advantage while getting started with any specialized course or certification. Though, you need to remember that before picking out any specialized career domain or certification – you must consider several crucial parameters like its demand & scope, your interest, etc.  

4. Government Jobs

After doing BCA, you can also go for government jobs as numerous government departments like UPSC, SSC, PSUs, IBPS, etc. offer adequate job opportunities for BCA tech graduates frequently. Not only these job roles are related to the tech domain but also come up with remarkable payscale and perks. Some of these job roles are – Computer Programmer, System Administrator, IT Security Professional, Software Developer, etc. These jobs usually require tech graduation as the eligibility criteria and thus a BCA graduate can easily apply for such government jobs. Meanwhile, you need to know this as well that almost every standard government job exam has its own selection process and a graduate degree in BCA can make you eligible to apply for it but to crack the exam you need to be prepared well accordingly.  

5. Digital Marketing

You may find it strange but yes, Digital Marketing is also one of the considerable career options for all BCA graduates. If we look at it from the demand & scope perspectives then we all know how rapidly the digital transformation is happening, especially after this global pandemic. Almost every business, whether it be small or huge, is going online. Hence, it’s the right time for all the BCA graduates to build an enriching career in Digital Marketing. As a BCA graduate is quite familiar with web fundamentals and concepts, it will become a bit easier for him/her to learn technical aspects of Digital Marketing. Other than that, the best part of Digital Marketing is that you’re not only limited to do a 9-5 job but you can easily start something on your own or can start doing freelancing.

Freelancing: Not only in Digital Marketing, but freelancing is something that a BCA graduate can start with any domain whether it be web development, software testing, etc.  

6. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Last but not least, here comes another most preferred career option – Master of Business Administration (MBA). Those BCA graduates who want to get into management roles can opt for the MBA program. There are numerous renowned MBA specializations such as IT & Systems, Project Management, Finance, Operations, etc., and you need to pick out a specialization for yourself first as per your preference. Meanwhile, all the BCA graduates who’re looking forward to pursuing an MBA program from a reputed and worthwhile institute are recommended to prepare and score well in the relevant national level-test like CAT, MAT, etc. to get some great outcomes.  

Most probably, as of now, you’d have understood that there are plenty of career options available for all the BCA graduates in the coming years. However, all you need to remember is that a degree whether it be a BCA or any other can’t directly land you up to your dream job or career goals until and unless you won’t upskill yourself and make yourself eligible & deserving for the particular opportunity!!

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