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5 Tips to Get a Job as a Java Fresher

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 12 Nov, 2021
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Java is one of the most robust programming languages which is currently used for development in 3 billion devices. This language offers amazing features like platform independence, object-oriented programming, enhanced security features, automatic garbage collection, and many more. The latest technological trends of 2021 completely manifest that Java will continue to behold its dominance in the upcoming future. The rise of Java is linked with the growth of job opportunities for Java developers.


Java developers are currently hot assets. A job in this domain offers amazing career opportunities, global recognition, insanely high salary, and immense job satisfaction. As per the survey, the Java developer’s profile holds the highest job satisfaction rating of 4.2. If you follow the right steps then it is really easy to get a job in the Java domain as a fresher.

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 basic yet crucial tips that you need to follow to get a job as a Java fresher. So let’s get started.

1. Build a Strong Foundation

A solid foundation is the most obvious step if you want to ace your career in the domain of Java. Let’s start with some basic concepts that you need to know:

Java syntax: It refers to the basic set of rules to write and interpret java language. From using operators to writing massive programs you will use Java syntax everywhere.

Identifiers: as the name suggests are used for identification purposes. There are some syntax rules:

  • It cannot be a keyword
  • Must have at least one identifier
  • The first letter cannot be a digit.

To know more about identifiers click here.

Operators: are the symbols that perform a particular function. There are mainly six types of operators namely Arithmetic operators, Relational Operators, Boolean operators, logical operators, assignment operators, and Miscellaneous operators.

Keywords: these are predefined reserved words that act as a key to a code.  

Data Types: defines the value of a variable and the type of operation that can be applied to it. There are two types of data types:

  • Primitive data types: these are predefined data types in java.
  • Non Primitive data types: These are data types created by programmers and not defined by java.

To know more about data types you can visit here.

Enhancing your foundation is like a building block that will help you get a job as a java fresher. Now after basics you must start with object-oriented programming and master core APIs. If you are confused about where to start then you must surely visit GeeksforGeeks as it is an astonishing platform to learn, practice, and enhance your java skills.  

2. Stay Updated About the Latest Java Advancements

Change is the only constant in the programming language. To master this domain you need to look ahead and stay updated with the latest advancements. By the time you become proficient in one framework, there will be a new framework in the market. There are high chances that the one you are proficient in may become completely out of demand. There is another possibility that the latest Java advancement will resolve the issues you are facing with the current version.

Currently, everyone wants to hire hot assets that have an ace in the latest frameworks. So you need to stay updated with the latest Java advancements to land your dream job.

3. Enhance Your Coding Skills

Practice practice and practice to attain perfection. It is essential for the initial interview process that builds your confidence. In any of the Java development profiles, you must have hands-on knowledge of Java. Gibberish codes can be overwhelming in the beginning but to get a job you need to enhance your coding skills. So make a rule to code every day.

Some of the tips that can be helpful are:

  • Competitive coding
  • Contribute to the open-source website
  • Work on real projects
  • Read other developers code

4. Develop Your Soft Skills

So till now you have built a strong foundation, kept yourself updated about the latest technologies, and enhanced your coding skills but this is not enough. You need to build your soft skills to get a job as a Java developer. As per a survey, it is observed that to land in your dream job the importance of communication skills is 82%, which is far greater than the technical skills that behold the importance of 59.6%.

As per the Hiring managers, it takes just 30 seconds for them to identify if the candidate is suitable or not based on their soft skills. Employees are willing to hire candidates who can be future leaders and leadership depends greatly on your soft skills. So you need to enhance your communication skills to get your aspiring job as a fresher.

5. Build a Strong Technical Resume  

When you are searching for a job in a tech niche then it is essential to build a strong technical resume that flawlessly reflects your skills. Recruiters spend just a few seconds to give a glance at your resume. If you don’t build a strong technical resume then your chances to land your dream job will be nullified. Always ensure that your technical skills are written in an extremely concise manner. Here are a few tips that can help you build a strong technical resume:

  • Customize a separate section of your skills
  • Mention your technical skills in descending order from most expertise to least expertise
  • Highlight your technical skills in an extremely readable format

So follow these five tips to get a job as a java fresher. Apart from these you should master core APIs, practice different development methodologies, subscribe to technical forums, enhance your profile, get in touch with hiring managers on social media platforms like LinkedIn, etc. We hope that you found this helpful.

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