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5 Must-Have Skills You’ll Need In Your Hackathon Team

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020
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Whether you’re working on a Senior Position in any MNC or about to launch your startup idea or even playing Counter-Strike (how can we forget that!!), the teamwork always matters to achieve the goal. And similarly, when it comes to one of the biggest battles of Computer Science enthusiasts i.e, Hackathons, you can’t afford to dive into it without having a strong army. Indeed, before participating in a Hackathon, you’re strongly recommended to collaborate with highly skilled individuals to build a worthwhile team.


Before moving further, let’s take a look at the question — What are the Hackathons? In general, Hackathons are the programming competitions where you’re required to provide an optimal & impactful solution for a real-world problem. You’re usually required to come up with a team of around 2-6 members where the participants can be students, professionals, etc. and the duration of the event can be from 24 hours to 4 days (depends on Hackathon type). Apart from the ravishing awards & prizes, there are several other benefits of participating in Hackathon events such as networking with various brilliant minds, generation of new ideas & products, skills enhancement, and many more.

Now let’s get back to the main concern- building a worthwhile & stable team for the Hackathon where each member is quite proficient with the particular role & skillset. Here, in this article, we’ll let you know about these 5 must-have skills that you’re required to take into consideration while forming a team for the Hackathon:

1. Domain Expertise

Needless to say, one of the main objectives of participating in a Hackathon is to create optimal solutions for particular problems. And you can’t expect to provide relevant & impactful solutions for a given problem if you don’t have a deep understanding of the respective field or domain. This can be understood as — suppose in a Hackathon you’re required to work on the ed-tech concept. Now, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to understand the mechanism of ed-tech platforms such as its vision, functioning, etc. to proceed for further stages. Hence, you’re required to have at least a single person in your team who has expertise with the particular domain while participating in Hackathons.

2. Designing

Now, here comes another crucial skill that you’re required to have in one of your Hackathon team members — Designing! As Hackathons are majorly concerned with creativity and innovation, the worthwhile designing practice is always a must in such events. Indeed, Designers are one of those individuals who understand & demonstrate things according to the user’s perspective. Meanwhile, here designing skills concerns with the role of UX (User Experience) / UI (User Interface) Designer, Graphic Designer, etc. The person responsible for designing practice is required to perform various tasks such as the look & feel of the product, screen transitions, branding processes, and many more. Further, the designer collaborates with the Frontend Developer to translate his layout or design into the practical version.  

3. Frontend Development

As mentioned above, once the designing part is done there is a need to take it into the development phase that can be done with the help of Frontend Development skills. The Frontend Developer in a Hackathon team is required to collaborate with the designers as well as Backend Developers for the efficient working process. Meanwhile, as a Frontend Developer, you’re required to work upon many aspects such as text colors and styles, navigations, responsiveness, etc. and ensure that the User Interface (UI) of the product is user-friendly and interactive. There are various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. along with various frameworks like AngularJS, jQuery, and many more that can help you to enhance frontend development skills for upcoming Hackathons.  

4. Backend Development

Indeed, Backend Development is one of the core aspects of any Hackathon. The person with the backend development skills in a Hackathon team is responsible for building the algorithms, API integrations, server-side function, connecting database, and various other crucial tasks. Though Hackathons can be language-specific as well such as you may be required to build your project on a specific programming language but in general, you can start with several programming languages like Python, JAVA, Ruby, Perl, etc. along with several popular frameworks like Django, Laravel, and many more to get proficient with backend development skills. Moreover, when it comes to backend development, you’re strongly recommended to ensure the eligibility criteria for the particular Hackathon such as proficiency in required programming languages, technologies, etc.

5. Project Management  

Last but not least – Project Management!! Let’s forget about Hackathon, you can’t even complete a school or college’s minor project with having a proper management process. And when it comes to Hackathon, it becomes more essential to have a person in your team with appropriate leadership and management skills that can help you to achieve your end-goal efficiently as in hackathon events you’re provided with a limited amount of time to get the work done. Indeed, the project manager in the Hackathon team is responsible for various tasks at every stage such as planning, designing, development, etc. Furthermore, a worthwhile project manager in the hackathon team helps in developing good team bonding, risk management, problem-solving, and other important areas.

So, these are several crucial skills that you must have in your Hackathon team to get success. Meanwhile, there are various other technical & non-technical skills as well that you can consider but having the above-mentioned skills in your team can make you ready to start your Hackathon journey!! Now, what are you waiting for? Consider the above-mentioned skills, build a worthwhile time, and dive into the Hackathon battle!!

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