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5 GitHub Repositories that Every New Developer Must Follow

Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2019
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GitHub is one of the most popular sites for hosting source codes with version control. In fact it now also has GitHub Jobs through which you can apply for the top companies. It also becomes an enormous developer’s network. It has more than 30 million accounts and over 96 million repositories.

Here is a list of 5 GitHub repos that every new developer must follow:

1. Free Learning Resources

This is a well-organized repository which is a compilation of free study materials from all over the world in various languages. It includes books, websites, podcasts and a lot more. People who are learning to code must follow this repo.

2. Papers With Code

Have you come across a research paper and then wondered how to implement this on your own? If you’re learning Machine Learning or Deep Learning this repo has a bunch of research papers along with the source code. Also, this repo is updated every week.

3. Coding Interview University

This repo contains a study plan on how you can prepare for coding interviews. This is very popular because the person who created this went from not having a CS degree to working for Google. This study plan is intensive but it contains a wide array of topics and you can customize it to fit your needs.

4. Awesome Python

Awesome Python is a curated list of top Python libraries, frameworks and study resources. If you’re getting started on Python or want to learn a new framework, this is the place to visit.

5. You Don’t Know JS

You Don’t Know JS is a series of books by Kyle Simpson. It is one of the most popular JavaScript books. This GitHub repo hosts the entire book and is freely available to everyone. If you are new to JavaScript or even Programming, this is the perfect book series to get started.

The best way to remember these repos is to star them, once you star a GitHub repo you can visit them later.

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