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5 Amazing React Native Project Ideas for Beginners

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Did you know Bloomberg, Facebook, Uber Eats, Discord, Instagram, Skype, Salesforce, Walmart – all these apps are made with just one framework? Yes, that is one and only React Native. React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework, designed for making mobile applications on Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows by enabling developers to use React’s framework along with native platform capabilities. Created by Facebook and supported by a huge community, React Native apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms with just one same code which helps to save development time.  

But why is React Native worth it?

  • It comes with the large community support from Facebook and GitHub
  • A cross-platform framework which means code once for Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • It is less time-consuming as much of the code is reusable from platform to platform and has pre-built components.
  • Robust and reliable which can easily be seen as big companies’ apps like Skype, Salesforce are built upon it,

But how should we improve our skill for React Native?

As we know no amount of theory can replace hands-on practice with developing apps in React Native. So here are the 5 most fantastic and unique project ideas which you can develop using React Native to enhance your skill. By developing these React Native Apps, you will not only grasp a hold on important concepts, such as components, state management, redux, etc. but these Apps developed by you will surely add some value to your portfolio and resume as well.  

1. Job Finder App

This project revolves around the idea of creating a React Native app that can be used as a job or internship finder app like LinkedIn or Internshala. In this, either the company registers and files for the vacancy or the APIs for different internships and jobs are fetched from different company’s website and merged in our app. During the implementation of this app, developers have to work with Google Maps to show nearby jobs or internships from the user location. Start developing this React Native app by scraping APIs from different websites, working with redux, creating social media logins, history and status for the applied jobs or internships, and an animated card from where the user can apply or reject the job by swiping it. Developers can even opt to make filters and search options for the jobs. This innovative idea could put some extra value to your portfolio if implemented precisely with a good User Interface.

2. Audible News App

The new Audible App by Amazon has definitely grabbed some eyeballs not only from the users but also from the developers. What if we develop a News App in which one can also listen to the news rather than reading it. The idea of implementing a simple News App is to have a clear understanding of scraping data from other sites and rendering it in ours as we will need to pull the news data from different news portal sites and integrate it into our app. Developing this app will make you learn how you will show data on the client-side with a decent User Interface. But the idea of integrating the news with the open-source audios will make it incredible. The experienced developer has to integrate it with text-to-speech functionality so that the user also has an option to listen to the news instead of reading it. Developers can also make use of reader plugins and night mode for a better user experience. 

3. Dating App

The idea of implementing a Dating app is not only to sharp our User Interface skills but also to make us understand the depth of backend technology. A dating app requires a good authentication feature powered by a strong database.  This app will also include the feature of chatting, hence honing the developer’s skill. With the functionalities of a swipe card, matching, push notification, blocking, or reporting a user, this React Native app will cover all the aspects of app development. Advanced Developers can make use of location to show other users how far or near their match is. Authentication with SMS confirmation, dark mode, In-app purchases, etc. could also be added by an experienced developer. Making this app will also test the developer’s skill of implementing a dynamic match-making algorithm so that using it, the app automatically gives suggestions to the users for the date they adore based on their past activities. 

4. Crowdfunding App

The idea of this project is to develop a React Native app for crowdfunding to organizations. Developing this app will improve some of the important development concepts like authentication, authorization, request-response-based APIs, version control, basic deployment strategies, component-driven architecture, state management, etc. Developers can scrape various organizations for crowdfunding and make a list of all welfare programs or charities available to the frontend of the app. Users can get detailed information about that particular welfare program upon clicking. Developers have to implement their skills by integrating a safe payment gateway. It must also have a protected admin route to add, delete, update the welfare program. Integrate it with the receipt generator, so that every time user pays for any welfare program, a token of appreciation is also generated as thanks and proof of payment received. 

5. Music App

Almost all of us have used Spotify or JioSaavn but the excitement and fun lie in making these apps with our skills. A Music app will mostly focus upon the User Interface and Frontend of the app. Developing this app will not only sharpen your frontend skills but will also make you learn how we can integrate audio & radio streams in React Native. Developing this app will call for some basic functionalities of playing, pausing, shuffling, forwarding, creating playlists, etc. Start developing this app by placing all the required audio files in your backend, then, we can render that data to the frontend and integrate them with the audio npm package to play the songs. Advanced Developers can add dark mode and share playlist functions. Experienced developers can also come up with sorting the music according to the current mood of the user and playing party songs if the user is in party mode.

Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2021
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