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About Company : 3DPLM is Research & Development center of Dassault Systèmes and it’s culture is nurturing and dynamic. It creates world leading software that help businesses move towards a more sustainable future. CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, DELMIA, ENOVIA and SIMULIA are some of the software products created out of it’s Development Centers.
This company provides software which help client to create there own product design. It provides the software which is used in designing from shampoo bottle to an aircraft.

Recruitment Process : C++ Developer
1. Aptitude Written Test ( 20 Questions, 15 Minutes )
2. General Intelligence Written Test( 40 Questions, 30 Minutes )
3. C++ Written Test ( 20 Questions, 15 Minutes)
4. Technical Round 1
5. Technical Round 2
6. HR Round

Questions Asked in 3DPLM :

Aptitude and general Intelligence ->
Profit and loss, age, Direction, Cube Based, series, trail zero in 200!, Total square in Chess Board, Mirror Images, get the vales of x and y from the equation, 97 Basket Ball team problem, Train and Distance, Meeting Point, Mixture, Ratio, Ant climb on 60 feet poll problem, Odd man out, Permutation Combination, Probability, Distance, speed, time take, Cube coloring problem.

C++ Written Test ->
Polymorphic, Inheritance, Const, Virtual Function, Derived and Base Class Related Questions

Technical Round 1->
1. 3 Coding questions ->
1. Find gcd of two numbers
2. Find second max element in array
3. Find two string are cyclic or not.

2. Modify gcd program for better solution.
3. What is Polymorphic. You need give Real time example. ?
4. What is virtual Function with Real time example. ?
5. There are two person one is A second is B and there is one circular track, A and B are starting to run from the same point but in opposite direction on circular track with speed of for A it is x m/s and for B it is 7x m/s, so at what point they will meet and If B is completing 10 rounds of the circular track then how many time A and B will meet?
6.Interview will ask you whether you want to ask any question or not?

I am waiting for the Technical Round 1 result, I have not given Technical round 2 and HR Round. Overall Experience was good. Interviewer was good.

Interview Experiences :

3DPLM Interview Experience

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