3DPLM Interview Experience for Software Developer

Round 1:Aptitude test

Contains a list of 40 Math questions, 20 English question, 20 Logical Aptitude questions. Level of question was moderate.

Round 2:

Asked to write two programs:

  1. If you have a data of temperature of a city for a month. then please find the closest to zero degree centegrade temperature.
  2. Write a program to calculate the GCD.

Round 3:

This round was mainly focused on geometry and math skill, puzzle.

  1.  Draw a triangle with three angles and perimeter are given.
  2.  Concepts related to OOPs,   Virtual Destructor, type casting
  3. Implement a stack in C++ using a linklist.
  4. After this there were two puzzles being asked by interviewer.

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