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Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers

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Idioms and phrases is an important concept of English comprehension which is often asked in competitive exams in India. Practicing questions from each topic within the time limit will help candidates in preparation. Candidates preparing for these exams must practice the questions of idioms and phrases to score well in the Verbal Ability section.  

In the following article, we are going to discuss some important Idioms and Phrase questions for several competitive exams. A list of important idioms and phrases is also provided below so that the students can revise well.

What are Idioms?    

An idiom is a phrase or expression in which all of the words have multiple definitions than they often do. Idioms are enjoyable to use since they are a common feature of speech.

Examples of Idioms with Meaning

  • The following is the examples of Idioms
  • Here are some popular idioms with their meanings
  • Back against the wall (Doing something against the wish due to being stuck in a tricky situation)
  • Break the ice (Start the conversation)
  • Get your act together (Start doing things in an organized and effective way)
  • On cloud nine (Being very elated and happy)
  • Spill the beans (Reveal a secret)
  • Pull someone’s leg (Prank someone)
  • Through thick and thin (Displaying full loyalty)
  • Don’t cry over spilt milk (Don’t cry over something that can’t be fixed)
  • A black sheep (Someone who brings disgrace to the entire family)
  • Once in a blue moon (Rare occurrence)
  • By the skin of your teeth (Making it barely)
  • Go the extra mile (Making an extra effort)
  • Straight from the Horse’s mouth (Getting information directly from the concerned person)
  • Has bigger fish to fry (Has more important things to do)
  • Look before you leap (Analyse the consequences before taking a decision)
  • Take a rain check (Postponing a plan)
  • Play devil’s advocate (Arguing for the sake of it)
  • Throwing caution to the wind (Taking risks)

What is Phrases?

Pharases are defined as the combination of multiple words that are related to one another and act as a single unit but do not contain a subject-verb pairing.” A phrase can consist of anywhere from two to ten syllables. It is integrated into a phrase or statement elaborating on a topic by which give additional information.

Examples of Phrases

The following is the examples of Phrases:

  • The disabled boy was left out of the entire journey.
  • The deceased person was gentle and smart.
  • The last time you ate anything since morning.
  • You might enjoy a meal with us.
  • He was excited to become the leader of the group.
  • She was anxious to meet her idol.
  • Taking my children for a drive is fun.

List of Important Idioms and Phrases 

The following is the list of Important Idioms and Phrases:

S.NoIdioms and PhrasesMeaning
1to have ants in your pants A person who can’t still calm or remains silent
2to take the bull by the horns  To deal with a difficult situation
3to let the cat out of the bag  To disclose a secret
4to have the cat get your tongue  Doesn’t have words to say or is usually quite
5to be raining cats and dogs  It is used to describe heavily rain
6to have a cow  To become very angry at something
7to wait until the cows come home  Waiting for someone for a long time
8to be in the doghouse  Being in trouble by someone else
9to let sleeping dogs lie  Stop interfering in a situation that doesn’t cause any harm
10to be in a fine kettle of fish  Being in an awkward situation
11 to seem a little fishy  Seems suspicious 
12to live high on the hog  Living a prosperous and a healthy life
13to eat like a horse  Eat large quantities of food
14to look a gift horse in the mouth  Finding faults in a gift or favour
15to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth  Hearing the information from the main source
16to hold your horses  Saying someone to stop or care about their decision
17to put the cart before the horse  Reversing the order or procedure of something
18to change horses in midstream  Choosing a different leader
19Under the weatherFeeling unwell
20Turning a blind eyeTo overlook
21Make a beelineGo quickly and directly to somewhere
22At sixes and sevenIf someone is in a state of confusion
23Counting your chickensWhen someone should not depend on something
24Pain in the neckWhen someone is very annoying
25Like chalk and cheeseWhen two things are different from each other
26To sit on the fenceWhen someone delays making a decision
27Once in a blue moonAn incident that happens rarely
28Burn the midnight oilWork hard for a long time
29Cook the BooksWhen someone alters the figures
30Decked upWearing special clothes to look attractive

Important Idioms and Phrases Question and Answers

Directions (Q.1-10) : In each of the following questions, fill in the blanks with correct idioms or phrases given in the options. 

Q1. We thought the new product launch would be a huge success, but it turned out to be __________. 
A. damp squib 
B. The apple of my eye 
C. The ball is in your court 
D. A shot in the dark 

Answer: A. A damp squib

Q2. After months of training, she finally ran her first marathon and felt like she had __________. 
A. Let the cat out of the bag 
B. Hit the nail on the head 
C. Bitten off more than she could chew 
D. Crossed the finish line 

Answer: D. Crossed the finish line

Q3. I had to take the day off work because I was  _________.
A. Barking up the wrong tree 
B. In hot water 
C. Burning the midnight oil 
D. Feeling blue 

Answer: D. Feeling blue

Q4. I’m not sure if I should take this job offer. I’m afraid I might be __________. 
A. Burning the candle at both ends 
B. Breaking a leg 
C. Cutting corners 
D. Biting the hand that feeds me 

Answer: C. Cutting corners

Q5. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I think my roommate might be __________. 
A. Pulling my leg 
B. Two-faced 
C. Barking up the wrong tree 
D. A bull in a china shop 

Answer: B. Two-faced

Q6. I don’t know how I’m going to finish this project on time. I feel like I’m __________. 
A. Between a rock and a hard place 
B. On cloud nine 
C. A fish out of water 
D. A diamond in the rough 

Answer: A. Between a rock and a hard place

Q7. I’ve been studying for this exam for months, so I’m hoping to __________. 
A. Hit the ground running 
B. Have a field day 
C. Be a dark horse 
D. Have a lot on my plate 

Answer: A. Hit the ground running

Q8. I don’t think we should hire him. He seems like __________. 
A. A fish out of water 
B. The black sheep of the family 
C. A wolf in sheep’s clothing 
D. The apple of my eye 

Answer: C. A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Q9. The company’s new CEO has really turned things around. It’s like a __________. 
A. Bolt from the blue 
B. A mare’s nest 
C. A shot in the arm 
D. A storm in a teacup 

Answer: C. A shot in the arm

Q10. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with your project. I’m already __________. 
A. Burning the candle at both ends 
B. A diamond in the rough 
C. Cutting corners 
D. Spreading myself too thin 

Answer: D. Spreading myself too thin

Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2023
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