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30 Days to Form a New Habit of Coding – Are You In?

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Many times we have seen people, especially students, complaining about how they can’t maintain consistency while doing Coding and solving programming problems. All the excitement and enthusiasm of the beginners often get disappeared as time passes. The scenario somehow looks like this:

  • Day – 1: Task Completed
  • Day – 2: Task Completed
  • Day – 3: Task Completed
  • Day – 4: Pending
  • Day – 5: ———
  • Day – 6: ———
  • And so on.


But as they said that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit and this applies to Programming skills also. Undoubtedly if you would dedicatedly allot some time to Programming and Problem-Solving each day for 3-4 weeks then chances are very high that Coding will become your new habit and you’ll be able to give yourself a solid command over Data Structure & Algorithm skills. Now, the question arises, how to do this? Okay, no worries, we’ve got a solution for yours this problem too! GeeksforGeeks is coming up with 30 Days of Code course where you can attempt one coding question every day for 30 days and can master your Data structure and Algorithm skills.

Yes, 30 Days 30 Challenges. Isn’t it exciting?

Don’t forget to take the screenshot of the submission and upload it on your Twitter handle and tag us @geeksforgeeks with the #30daysofcodewithGFG

Though we know that you all will surely be able to solve all the challenges – in case if you won’t find out the solution for a particular challenge, then what? Okay, we don’t want you to miss out on any chance of learning, and keeping this in mind, we are providing you with the solutions for each challenge on the GeeksforGeeks YouTube channel. The solution for each day challenge will be provided once the challenge gets over i.e. after 24 hours. Click on the below image to get the solutions:



Course Details

The GeeksforGeeks 30 Days of Code course is designed in such a way that it will help you out to form a habit of Coding every day. Meanwhile, it will not only help you in developing a habit, but it will also brush up your skills every day for the future and there are various surprise rewards for you as well. On top of that, the course is absolutely FREE for each and every student out there. What else you need?

Talking about the course format, you will be given a new Coding Problem every day at 12:00 AM IST and you have only 24 hours to submit your answers. The 30-day-challenge comprises 21 different DSA topics and the cumulative scores of all the days shall determine your score. Once you have submitted your answer, take the screenshot of the submission and upload it on your Twitter handle and tag us @geeksforgeeks with the #30daysofcodewithGFG. The more correct answers you get, the more chances of you being on the top of the leaderboard! Some of the remarkable features of this are provided below:

  • ​​​​​​New Coding Challenges Everyday
  • Questions range across various difficulties and 21 DSA topics
  • Ideal for new programmers as well as experienced
  • Develop a habit of coding

You must keep in mind that the 1st question will be put up on 26th January 2021 at 12:01 AM IST. You can simply register yourself for the course from the official website where you’ll be required to provide some basic details such as name, graduation year, etc.

  • Schedule: 26 January ’21 to 27 February ’21
  • Price: FREE!
  • Registration Link: 30 Days of Code

The problems in the 30 Days of Code challenge will be based on a wide range of Data Structures & Algorithms topics in the following manner:

  • Day 1 and Day 4; the problem on these two days will be based on the Array topic.
  • Day 2 and Day 3; here you’ll get the problem based on Mathematics concepts.
  • Day 5 and Day 6; here you need to solve the problems based on Matrix.
  • Day 7 and Day 8; the problem will be related to Searching & Sorting and Two Pointers respectively.  
  • Day 9, 10, and 11; these 3 days will be solely dedicated to the Strings based problems.
  • Day 12 and Day 13; the problem on these days will be based on Bit Magic and Recursion respectively.
  • Day 14 and Day 15; here you’ll get the problem based on Hashing and Linked List respectively.  
  • Day 16, 17, and 18; these 3 days will be solely dedicated to the Stack-based problems.
  • Day 19; on this particular day, you’ll get the problem based on Queue.
  • Day 20 and Day 21; these two days are allotted to Tree based problems.
  • Day 22; here you’ll get the problem based on BST (Binary Search Tree).
  • Day 23 and Day 24; the problem on these two days will be based on Heap Data Structure.  
  • Day 25 and Day 26; these two days are allotted to Graph and Topological Sorting based problems respectively.
  • Day 27 and Day 28; these 2 days will be particularly dedicated to Greedy Algorithms based problems.
  • Day 29 and Day 30; on the last two days, you’ll get the problem based on Prefix & Suffix and Dynamic Programming respectively.  

The problems you’ll get on the above-mentioned topics will surely help you to validate your programming and Data Structures & Algorithms skills.

And as known to everyone that how crucial is to being proficient with DS and Algorithms skills to crack the interviews of any leading IT giants – the problems you’ll face in this 30 Days of Code course will undoubtedly boost your confidence and make you prepare for your upcoming tech interview rounds. And who knows that you may get the same problem in the interviews which you’ve already solved in this 30 Days of Code challenge!

So, if you aim to develop the habit of coding every day and want to level up your Programming skills – you must participate in this exciting coding adventure, 30 Days of Code without giving a second thought!

Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2021
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