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13 Mistakes To Avoid During Technical Interview

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Technical interviews can be a mind wracking experience for candidates. We know that the most common formula to get a willing job and crack the technical interview is to stay calm and avoid silly mistakes but often the candidates end up doing the same mistake again and again and lose the best opportunity in front of them.


Also sometimes the candidates do not know what is the reason for not passing the interview and keep repeating the same mistake in other interviews. Therefore, enlisted below are mistakes that you must avoid during a technical interview:

1. Being Impolite

Often in the technical interview, the interviewer asks some program or question to your solution. If they pretend to not understanding the solution purposely you should stay calm and answer all their question calmly and appropriately. Do not bring your attitude in between and start getting irritated. Be nice and polite to them during the interview and try to handle the situation calmly.

2. Pretending to be Know-it-All

It is okay to not know everything. Companies always hire honest people. Therefore avoid using buzzwords and then get caught sometimes and get embarrassed. Just be honest with your answers and if you do not know anything then accept it that you don’t know about it.

3. Giving too Much Detail of the Question Asked

If any question is being asked which you know to a certain extent then try to answer it shortly and briefly. Do not start answering questions from the origin(a long answer). Try to answer the question according to the expectation of the interviewer only. Providing much detail on the simple short answer will create a bad impression on your part as wasting time and also your nervousness.

4. Not Asking Questions

It often happens that the candidate interprets the question differently and ends up giving the answer that the interviewer does not expect. This creates the wrong impression and also may deduct your points. Better you clarify questions properly before answering. Also, try to ask the question regarding the company to some extend. This will show your interest in the job and the company creating a good impression.

5. Forgetting the Requirement

You should pay the most attention to the requirements of the job as the interviewer always select the candidate who is best for the job rather than the one having more skills. Therefore knowing the requirements of the company and job and making the interviewer believe you know them all will increase your chances to select in the interview.

6. Bad Communication Skills

Many candidates don’t pay attention to their communication but in reality the interviewer focus most on the communication of the interviewer. Also, many candidates make mistakes in the articulation while answering the question of the interviewer. Also many times the etiquette is taken most care. For example, Greeting the interviewer and eye contact with the interviewer.

7. No Enthusiasm

The interviewer will always go selecting the candidate who may have less technical knowledge but enthusiastic enough to get the job rather than the one who has much knowledge but not putting the efforts. The candidate should be able to show their interest in getting the job and help the company with their knowledge.

8. Not Providing Proper Details on What is Being Asked

Pay attention to the question asked and try to answer it first and then share your ideas. The interviewer wants clear thought on what they want to hear from you rather than your ideas and information. Also, avoid extra talking and buffing around with the interviewer. This shows your nervousness and lack of information. Also, avoid using nonverbal communication unnecessarily to impress your employer.

9. Failing to Mention the Application

Candidates mostly focus on showing the knowledge and the tech skills gained by them. They often fail to explain how the company will be benefited from these skills. Try to explain to them how you will be benefiting the employer by your skills and knowledge. For example, if you know HTML and CSS then try to explain to them where you will be using these skills to profit the company.

10. Sticking to Technical Part

Employers are not in search of the computer with two legs always. They always are in search of the candidate who could be able to work on the project with the teams and with collaboration with companies. Therefore try to share your other skills as an IT position such as your dependability and willingness to work overtime. Also, such skills include Time Management, Organizational skills, Problem-solving approach, and Interpersonal skills.

11. Dressing Sense & Arriving on time

While going to interview please pay attention to your dressing sense as your first impression will be created by your dressing itself. Try to look professional and polished. Although your attire must be according to the position you are applying for. Prefer wearing formals and casual clothing with warm colors.

Everyone knows that the first impression is very important in landing the job and if you arrive late at the interview this will ruin all your impression during the entire interview. This shows your disrespect to the company, your position, and the employer.

12. Avoid using Phone

Make sure you switch off your phone or silent while giving the interview. Texting or attending the call during the interview shows a lack of interest in the job and lack of focus in your work. If you forget to turn it off while interview than resist checking the message and calls.

13. A Second Chance With the Interviewer

Sometimes the opportunity can not be saved but you can convince the employer to reconsider you as the perfect candidate. Not all employers consider this kind of do-over thing but you might be lucky enough to get the chance. Try to thank the employer by email for the interview opportunity and the good things about their company. You never know what can turn over.

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Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2020
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