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10 Most Useful Development Tools for Software Developers

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  • Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2021
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Development tools for Software Developers or any other tech person not only help to create, maintain, and support web or mobile applications but also develop and deploy them by selecting an appropriate working environment. Tons of development tools are available out there but to identify a set of tools that contribute to your projects in a feature-rich way is a bigger challenge in itself. And to compensate for the consequences of such NEVER-ENDING challenges, you must acquire some knowledge about the roles specifically performed by these tools.


Still, doubting if the tools are USEFUL!! From maintaining the workflow of your development project easily to seamlessly integrating with 3rd Party applications in just a few clicks, all this can be done ten times faster with the no-code or low-code policy of those tools. Let’s briefly know about 10 Development Tools efficient and useful for Software Developers so that they may quickly turn the ideas or requirements of their users into enterprise-grade applications inviting innovation, productivity, and transparency in businesses.

1. Atom

Atom is a cross-platform open-source development tool working successfully across popular operating systems. Those Operating Systems are Windows, Linux, and OS X (10th version of Mac Operating System). With it, the developers can write FASTER and FLEXIBLE codes and all the credit goes to its text (which is the code of your development projects) auto-complete option. Thinking if you can work with multiple projects in one window!! Yes, it is possible to compare as well as edit the codes of multiple projects by splitting Atom’s interface. Besides, you can do many other things related to development with this all-around text editor without any modifications in its CONFIG file. What else is now required to use this development tool, for building cross-platform applications with the use of various web technologies like HTML, CSS, Database Protocols using the free software framework Electron developed by GitHub?

2. Delphi

Delphi, another powerful development tool that developers may add to their list. Through its Integrated Development Environment, it is quite FLEXIBLE to develop cross-platform Native applications by combining frequently-used development tools into a single GUI i.e. Graphical User Interface. Indeed, Delphi is 5X speedy when the developers are asked to design Hyper-Connected Applications via its FireUI preview. Later, there won’t be issues when those Hyper-Connected Apps run on Desktops, Mobiles, or multiple database platforms. Besides, there are other features of Delphi beneficial from the development perspective and they are: –

  • Real-Time Error-Checking
  • Finest Code Quality
  • In-Line Documentation
  • Source control for tracking the history of code changes
  • Strong Database

But Delphi doesn’t STOP HERE!! The brand new versions of Delphi are collaborating with special features like new VCL control, multi-tenancy support in RAD Server, Quick Edit support, and lastly, FireMonkey Installer. And you can use any of those special features with Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, cloud, and IoT.

3. Cloud 9  

Cloud 9 is well-known in the market as one of the best software development tools supporting a lot of programming languages. Curious to know what those PROGRAMMING languages are!! You may start counting like JavaScript, C, Perk, PHP, Ruby, and Python. Also, this user-friendly tool can clone potentially the entire development environment so that the developers can resolve code-related problems like optimization problems, search problems, counting, & decision problems. Estimating if this tool has acquired some features necessary for making development smoother!! Yes, the list begins with: –

  • Set Breakpoints for suspending the code execution at a particular point
  • Developing Resourceful Serverless Applications  
  • Code-Completion Suggestions to avoid Typos
  • File Dragging  
  • Debugging

In addition, you mustn’t hesitate while sharing the development environment of Cloud 9 with your team members in just a few clicks. This is because code collaboration is supported well by this cloud-based open-source tool by virtue of which you (along with your team members) can pair up at your pre-decided time slots and code together by collaborating non-hesitatingly in real-time.

4. Embold

Embold, a software development tool consisting of a set of plugins, works on the principle FIND PRIORITIZE AND FIX. Here, FIND refers to identifying the uncovered code errors, PRIORITIZE refers to the solutions implemented to fix those errors as per the priority flagged, and lastly, FIX refers to affixing those errors via the solutions discovered. Also, the tool is a PERFECTIONIST while picking up code smells (like DEAD or DUPLICATE CODES, unwanted comments, lazy class) and other vulnerabilities before the code commits are made. This lets the developers prevent the compounding of code that is unmaintainable and furthermore, not reusable. Assuming, if you can integrate Embold with the tools you are using or have used so far!! Without any doubt, you can integrate this code analysis platform well with Visual Studio, Jira, Jenkins, BitBucket, SubVersion, GitHub, and GitLab. All you need to do now is learn the best code analysis practices of this tool to uncover the anti-patterns of your project’s code somewhere leading to error-prone development solutions when visualized in detail.

5. Kwatee

Kwatee is a trendy tool nowadays helping a lot of developers in Agile Deployment. You may now ask what Agile Deployment is exactly? So basically, it is another testing step that lets the QA users deeply involve themselves in improving the existing system by providing frequent feedback(s). The most interesting thing about Kwatee is that you can fully automate text and binary files’ deployments from many target servers whose number you can define as per the requirements. With this quality, you can speedily finish your development projects and deploy the product before the deadline. Indistinguishably, the tool is advantageous from the development point of view because it supports environment-specific configuration parameters and command-line installers for eliminating operational risks in the software development process. Let’s not wait for more to use the painless and friendly web interface of Kwatee for configuring deployments (either of the add-ons of your software or the updates associated) on a broader range of Operating systems like OS X, Linux, Solaris, and Windows.  

6. Axure

Trusted by many successful product managers, IT consultants, and business analysts working in some corner of this everlasting world, Axure lets multiple people either a developer, manager, or an analyst to work on the one-and-the-same file and at the same time. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best dev programs that can flexibly run on Microsoft IIS when securely linked with a Microsoft My SQL Server Database. Seeking some help while creating N maintaining WIDGET LIBRARIES for controlling well the GUI elements!! With the unlimited power of Axure, a collection of widget libraries can notably be maintained after they are created to achieve some development purpose of any of your projects. Besides, this highly interactive tool is capable of producing wireframes, building prototypes that aren’t only realistic but functional too, and creating documentation comprising diagrams and customer journeys. So, instead of waiting for long hours, you can join the active community of Axure for knowing much about the ins and outs of robust prototyping for converting conceptual designs into well-structured functional parts.

7. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator, a 10X faster low-code platform, assists the developers a lot in developing and delivering rapid web and mobile applications. With this platform, the developers can extend the applications as per their own coded enhancements. So, no need to write ENDLESS Lines-of-Code just for the sake of showcasing the complexity of your coding expertise. Moreover, there are many key features that Zoho Creator provides to its users in real-time and they are: –

  • Instant Access to Insightful Reports
  • 60+ Apps to enhance business productivity
  • Uncompromised security for your project’s data
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Offline Mobile Access

In Spite of all the above, the platform is able to save a lot of time and effort during the development through Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Functions, integration with a payment gateway, and some third-party applications. Just take a step ahead and join the community of more than 4 million users of Zoho Creator by purchasing the professional version of this low-code tool whose pricing starts at 25 US Dollars per user, per month.

8. Jira

Using Jira on Linux, Solaris, and Windows to plan, track, and then, release the software is a wiser choice. The benefit will be that consistency and reliability of any of your projects won’t be compromised. Rather, you or the other developers can do project management as per the standardized practices. Whenever required, this tool can be customized for smartly increasing productivity in every phase of development. Trying to create a list of other few important features of Jira in your minds!! You can review the ones below-mentioned: –

  • Scrum and Kanban boards
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Portfolio Management  
  • Sprint Planning

Now, it would be better to know the info. related to its pricing. Per ten users, the price is 10 dollars for a month/user. For users between 11 to one hundred, the cost would be 7 dollars per month. And for a free trial, the tool is readily available for 7 days. So, you can manage the work of teams of different sizes with this popular bug-tracker also opted many a time for better project management.  

9. Azure

Azure is a tool wonderful in doing all these things – design, deploy, test, and manage web/hybrid cloud applications with its global network of Microsoft data centers. Widely, the tool supports brilliantly many of the programming languages like Python, Dot Net, JavaScript, and PHP on operating systems Windows, Linux. Besides, identifying the threats and managing the mobile applications – both can be done flawlessly through Azure powered by Microsoft. Trying to gather information about the services Azure offers in real-time! They are: –

  • CDN for images, videos, and other static files
  • Business analytics
  • Storage and Media Services  
  • Virtual Network
  • Caching to increase your project’s performance  

Using Azure, you can bring many innovative development solutions through its cloud services for solving on-or-off-premise business challenges. All you should be focusing on is the services provided by Azure which are Software-As-A-Service, Infrastructure-As-A-Service, and Platform-As-A-Service for better data security as well as business sustainability without the need of knowing about the programming languages at all.

10. Studio 3T

Studio 3T is one of the right development tools TRIED, TESTED. TRUSTED for MongoDB. Whether it is about generating instant codes, building the queries speedily, or doing imports/exports in multiple formats, all this can be done by Studio 3T in as flat as a pancake way. Furthermore, many startup teams and teams of fortune 500 companies prefer to start working with this tool for helping their clients to build great products. For whom you are waiting to manage your database? Here, the features of this tool like Connection Manager, User & Role Managers are offering an option of adding, removing, or reducing the number of users and side-by-side, assigning roles to the ones connected with the MongoDB UI conveniently.

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