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10 Most Interesting Chatbots in the World

Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2020
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Robots have always been able to talk easily with humans in science fiction movies. But this is not that simple in real life! You can easily see a robot having a full-on, grammatically correct conversation with a human being while also including pop culture references in movies, but in real life, this requires a sophisticated knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing.


Currently, Chatbots are the best examples that combine these technologies so that it almost appears that you are texting with an actual human. Although chatbots are still not perfect as they don’t talk like humans yet! They don’t exactly use grammar correctly and sometimes they even answer questions that are different from what you asked! But chatbots are constantly improving because of advancements in artificial intelligence with modern bots smarter and more communicative than ever before. Chatbots are used for various applications these days ranging from a comforting friend, a pop culture expert, a medical helper, or even a law expert! So let’s check out 10 of the most interesting chatbots in the world and what they are used for!

1. DoNotPay

Are you wrongly accused of a crime but cannot afford a lawyer? This happens to many people and they are not able to understand their rights or adequately represent their case in court. That’s where DoNotPay can help people! This chatbot is the world’s First Robot Lawyer and it is specially created for people who cannot afford lawyers or don’t understand the law. DoNotPay is till basic as compared to a real lawyer but it can help you to appeal parking tickets, obtain airline compensation for delayed flights, sue anyone in a small claims court, etc. DoNotPay is quite successful as a chatbot in empowering its users to settle legal matters easily without hiring any lawyers and also learn about their rights as citizens.

2. Replika

Do you wish you had a friend who you could talk to about anything? A friend that would support you and help you whenever you needed help? You can get such a friend in Replika, a friend that is there for you 24/7! Replika is a Machine Learning chatbot that is programmed to be your friend and help you whenever you need it. This is possible because of advances in Natural Language Processing that allow a chatbot to sound almost like a human being. Replika is especially helpful for people who are sad, depressed, or anxious and have nobody to talk with them. And even if you have no such problems, you can just use Replika to have fun talking to someone and finding more about the capabilities of Natural Language Processing.

3. Marvel Chatbot

Do you love marvel? Do you think the Avengers are the coolest superheroes? Are you one of those people that cannot imagine the MCU without the Iron Man? Do you also Thor and Loki rock?! If yes, then this Marvel chatbot is just for you! It allows you to interact with your favorite Marvel heroes and be a part of the Marvel Universe. The first superhero on offer was everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler, Spider-Man, who will be followed by other famous Marvel superheroes. Marvel created this chatbot in partnership with Conversable Inc., using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

4. Endurance

Have you heard of Alzheimer’s disease? It is a form of dementia that causes memory loss and destroys other brain functions as well. This is where Endurance comes into play! It is a chatbot that aims to identify whenever short term memory loss occurs in Alzheimer’s disease patients by monitoring abrupt changes in conversations. Endurance is a cloud-based, Natural Language Processing chatbot that also helps doctors identify whenever memory loss occurs. All the chat communication logs are stored on the cloud, which means that physicians can access them to see irregular communication breaks, abrupt changes in chat topics, etc. that may signify short term memory loss.

5. U-Report

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you want to help your policymakers in making decisions that benefit everyone in your country? You may be able to do this using U-Report, a chatbot created by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). U-Report gathers information from young people about the problems in their country such as unemployment, racial discrimination, poverty, child marriage, etc. Then it collects this data and creates insights that are shared with the country’s government and policymakers so that they can work on eradicating these problems. U-Report has also created a COVID-19 chatbot that allows people to get more information and a transparent picture of COVID-19. The U-Report chatbot is currently active in 60 countries and is used by around 8 million users all over the world!

6. MedWhat

Do you sometimes check your symptoms at Google and diagnose yourself with pneumonia when you only have a common cold! This happens to everyone as diagnosing on Google is hardly reliable and even a little tiredness can be misdiagnosed as the first stage of cancer! In such a situation a reliable diagnostic tool is needed for the times when the situation is not yet urgent enough to visit a doctor. And that’s where MedWhat comes in! MedWhat is a medical chatbot that answers medical and health questions both for the patients and doctors. These answers are generated by a super-computer using artificial intelligence where the computer constantly learns about medical treatment and diagnosis using your health record and medical questions history. MedWhat also studies medical research papers to increase its medical expertise which is then used to answer any questions you might have.

7. Insomnobot 3000

Are you an insomniac who has trouble sleeping? Do you lay awake the whole night wondering about random things like cat videos, the newest Netflix special, etc. while the rest of the world peacefully sleeps? Do you want to talk to your friends at night but they are all sleeping with their phones on silent? In that case, Insomnobot 3000 can help you out! It is a chatbot that is programmed to talk with you about anything you want! This can range from the newest episode of Game of thrones to Pizza! Insomnobot 3000 is still in its basic stages and some things it says may not make much sense but it still highlights the future potential for insomniacs. At least you wouldn’t need to lie awake all night mindlessly checking your Instagram account!

8. Woebot

Do you ever feel sad or depressed and wish there was someone to cheer you up? This is extremely important as all of us feel low sometime in our life and we often neglect our mental health. Woebot is a chatbot that aims to solve this problem. It tries to improve the user’s mood by listening to them and also providing suggestions, funny GIFs, memes, and jokes when needed. Woebot was developed by a combination of storytellers, data scientists, engineers, and designers that came together to create a chatbot using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to help people with their mental health.

9. BabyCentre

If you are pregnant and expecting a baby anytime soon, you have a lot of questions? You might be wondering how to keep yourself healthy, what happens in childbirth, how to care for the baby after it arrives, and so on. BabyCentre is a chatbot that can help in answering all these questions! BabyCentre is owned by Johnson & Johnson and it answers all the pregnancy and childbirth questions users might have. It also calculates the due date of would-be mothers and helps them in preparing for childbirth. You can ask various questions from the chatbot such as how to get pregnant, how to keep the mother and the baby healthy, when to call a doctor for your baby, why does the baby not sleep through the night, etc. In short, BabyCentre can be your best friend through pregnancy and childbirth!

10. Disney Zootopia chatbot

Are you a budding detective? Do you like watching thrillers and crime films to solve the mystery at the end? If that is so, you’ll love the Disney Zootopia chatbot! It created a one-one mystery game especially for users based on the Zootopia movie released by Disney. They had to help Lieutenant Judy Hopps, the main character in the movie solve the mystery by interacting with the chatbot. The users could ask the chatbot, questions about the mystery and provide suggestions for Lieutenant Judy Hopps, which would eventually help her solve the mystery!

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