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10 Best Work From Home Jobs

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2020

Most of the companies around the world, be it transnational or domestic ones, recommended their employees to work from home, which is an added advantage. A plethora of job opportunities are available for freshers as well. You don’t need to worry about traffic problems and commuting costs anymore, and it’ll save your time as well. Below mentioned are the best jobs that will enable you to earn a significant amount of income whilst sitting in the comfort of your home.


1. Freelancing

Freelancers are self-employed people who offer multiple services to clients. You will get money on a per hour or per-job basis, depending on the kind of work. The various types of freelancing jobs are writing jobs, virtual assistant, graphic designing, bookkeeping, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) amongst others. The biggest advantage is that you get the benefits of both a business as well as a profession. According to a survey by a major company in India, freelancers earn an average of about 19 Lacs INR, which is a whopping amount indeed. However, it needs persistence and determination in the beginning to ensure a stable flow of income.

2. Content Writer

As the name suggests, this field is for all those who have a passion for writing amazing articles, blogs about various topics such as science & technology, fashion, lifestyle amongst others. The major advantages of this job are it gives new life to content, increases website rankings, strengthens the brand reputation, etc. The average salary offered to these professionals in India is Rs. 2 LPA. However, the highest may extend beyond 6 LPA.

3. Data Entry Executive

This is relatively a simple job that involves handling or management of data. Data is the real asset, should be handled with caution. Unfortunately, data entry operators don’t earn much with the simple work done by them, but still, it can be a second income for students, homemakers, or other people who want to earn for living.

4. Digital Marketing

Ours is the age of online or digital marketing. Traditional marketing approaches seem outdated or irrelevant in the modern scenario. Hence, there is a need to shift focus towards modern promotion methods such as PPC, Search Engine Optimization, etc. This is a lucrative career option currently. The salary for experienced marketers can exceed Rs. 50,000 while it can vary from 2LPA to 3LPA for entry-level candidates.

5. Online Teaching Jobs

With the advent of numerous E-learning platforms in India as well as other countries, online learning has grown its roots. A unique and innovative yet interesting way to teach about almost every subject is the hallmark of E-learning. You can become a tutor for various platforms after you pass their assessment test. There are a plethora of online learning platforms in India that will hire you if your articulation level about a particular subject is high enough. The earnings in this career mainly depends on the tutor. Some platforms pay their tutors on per lecture or session basis, while some may pay according to the course. Altogether, it is a fun way and saves both the student’s and tutor’s time and money. Generally, tutors can earn from a few thousand to lacs.

6. Programmer

Most of you might be aware of this field that offers great growth in such a short period. Acquaint yourself with various computer languages and scripts to get an edge over your contenders. Become a programmer and start earning today. The major highlight of this profession for candidates is that it offers a relatively higher growth in just a short period. And trust me, this growth is not possible in most streams. This traditional occupation is still one of the most highly paid jobs of all time. The money flow can range anywhere between ten thousand to lacs per month if you have an edge over other candidates.

7. Affiliate Marketer

This is another name for referral marketing. You can earn a considerable commission on the sale of various products such as mobiles, laptops, garments, etc. So, register yourself for affiliate marketing schemes such as Amazon affiliate business and get huge profits. Referrals can get you tremendous income provided that you engage effectively with your customers, and induce them to buy certain products. The pay here is generally commission-based, as discussed earlier, so it entirely depends on the platform as well as your promotional approach.

8. Copy Writing

Write text on brochures, billboards, etc. for various companies as a copywriter. This job will fetch you a handsome salary. The average salary for copywriters in India is Rs. 28, 000, which may appeal to freshers or people with no experience. On the other hand, experienced copywriters can earn even 7LPA in major MNCs, which makes it a lucrative career option nowadays.

9. YouTube

This video sharing service is owned by Google. Many people, especially youngsters have created wonderful channels on YouTube that are amusing the entire globe. Be it educational videos, funny videos, pet videos, live shows, gaming channels, podcasts, cooking, news, all the YouTubers have won the hearts of millions of people globally and some of them are earning even more than a full-time professional. Any person who is passionate about a niche can create a channel on YouTube, and earn most enjoyably.

10. Blogging

This is one of the most popular career options currently. Any person who wishes to disseminate his knowledge to the outside world through his articles or writings can start a blog. The most popular blogging platforms are Blogger which is owned by Google and WordPress. Various domains are available online for purchase. Beginners may need certain guidance so that they can reach their highest potential. The net worth of bloggers can vary much as it depends on the audience.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit on the couch and start working. If possible, modify your surroundings and create a workplace ambiance at your home. As amazing as it sounds, indeed!

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