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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 20

First, I would like to thank geekforgeeks for providing me with the previous interview questions. I applied through employee referral. First round was held at a college in Thirunelveli on 8th January, 2017. It consisted of 20 C aptitude questions and 10 general aptitude questions. These questions concentrated on control flows. Good knowledge in loops… Read More »

Zoho Interview Experience | Set 19 (On-Campus)

Zoho is one of the esteemed company with a unique style of intake i.e it takes a candidate only on the capability and strength on C language and coding. Its tagline for intake is also that the candidate should be passionate about coding(programming). Everyone from our college could attend, even with backlogs also. The only… Read More »

Zoho Interview Experience | Set 17

Round 1: First round is a written test. This is different from the other company written tests which I had faced till now. This round consists of 20 C output questions and 10 aptitude (logical) questions. To clear this round one should have a deep understanding about the concepts of C programming language; mainly pointers,… Read More »

Zoho Interview Experience | Set 16

Round-1 (aptitude test) This was unlike other aptitude tests. It contained output based questions. Questions were mainly based on logic and loops. Round-2(coding) They gave questions one after the other. Initially it was easy, then ,the difficulty level increased. The first one was to check whether a year is leap year and the last one… Read More »

Zoho Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus)

The selection process consists of 5 rounds and there were almost 350 people came for the process. Round 1: This round consists of 15 c questions and 10 aptitude questions and won’t be in MCQ format. Questions from c will be bit more difficult and it takes extreme understanding of c concepts to solve it.… Read More »

Zoho Interview Experience | Set 12 (On-Campus)

Recently ZOHO visited our campus for recruitment and i would like to share my experience. Thanks to geeksforgeeks which contributed to most of my preparations.. Round 1 : TIME : 2hrs I was expecting an aptitude written round .But they gave us 30 flowchart and asked us to go through each flowchart and the questions… Read More »