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Find Shortest distance from a guard in a Bank

Given a matrix that is filled with ‘O’, ‘G’, and ‘W’ where ‘O’ represents open space, ‘G’ represents guards and ‘W’ represents walls in a Bank. Replace all of the O’s in the matrix with their shortest distance from a guard, without being able to go through any walls. Also, replace the guards with 0… Read More »

Print shortest path to print a string on screen

Given a screen containing alphabets from A-Z, we can go from one character to another characters using a remote. The remote contains left, right, top and bottom keys. Remote : Find shortest possible path to type all characters of given string using the remote. Initial position is top left and all characters of input string… Read More »

Shortest path in a Binary Maze

Given a MxN matrix where each element can either be 0 or 1. We need to find the shortest path between a given source cell to a destination cell. The path can only be created out of a cell if its value is 1. Expected time complexity is O(MN). For example – Input: mat[ROW][COL] =… Read More »