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Path Traversal Attack and Prevention

A path traversal attack allows attackers to access directories that they should not be accessing, like config files or any other files/directories that may contains server’s data not intended for public. Using a path traversal attack (also known as directory traversal), an attacker can access data stored outside the web root folder (typically /var/www/). By… Read More »

Code Injection and Mitigation with Example

Code injection is the malicious injection or introduction of code into an application. The code introduced or injected is capable of compromising database integrity and/or compromising privacy properties, security and even data correctness. It can also steal data and/or bypass access and authentication control. Code injection attacks can plague applications that depend on user input… Read More »

Command Injection Vulnerability and Mitigation

Command injection is basically injection of operating system commands to be executed through a web-app. The purpose of the command injection attack is to inject and execute commands specified by the attacker in the vulnerable application. In situation like this, the application, which executes unwanted system commands, is like a pseudo system shell, and the… Read More »

Deniel of Service and Prevention

Denial of Service (DoS) is a cyber-attack on an individual Computer or Website with intent to deny services to intended users.Their purpose is to disrupt an organization’s network operations by denying access to its users.Denial of service is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with surplus requests in an attempt to overload… Read More »

A basic Python Programming Challenge

Heya guys! I am back with another article my previous article on secure coding. This time we are not going to go into any theoretical stuff. Some months ago, I wrote a program in Python for my students so that they can practice basic BODMAS questions. The purpose was that the program should generate random… Read More »

Secure coding – What is it all about?

  So you think you can code? Well that’s great to know… The world definitely needs more geeks and nerds like you and me… But, are your programs secure? This is what this whole article is all about. As a programmer, it is not only your job but also moral responsibility to ensure that your… Read More »

Making your WordPress Website More Secure

Why security is Needed?  Blogging now a days has become a hobby of so many people and WordPress is the most opted platform for the same.By default, wordpress blogs employ a minimal level of security and also its files and/or plug-ins may often be outdated. These files are traceable and vulnerable to be hacked easily.… Read More »