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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 8 (Experienced)

It was really good experience at Qualcomm. I was interviewed for Associate Software Engineer and have an experience of an year, first by telephonic round and then F2F interview. Round-1 Telephonic around: 70 minutes (Taken by 2 persons) 1. All they asked at first was about Projects done in my company and at college level.… Read More »

Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 7 (On-Campus)

Round 1: The first round was aptitude test along with basic c,c++,OS questions. There was negative marking. Overall it was easy. Interview: There were 2 technical interviews and 1 HR interview. TI : The interview started with “Introduce yourself” followed by “what do you know about Qualcomm?”Then he gone through my resume and started asking… Read More »

Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 5(On-Campus for Software profile)

Round 1: The first round was hosted on hirepro.in and consisted of 3 sections: Aptitude : 20 questions, 20 minutes I managed to do only about 10. Time is the key here. Programming 20 questions, 25 minutes basic questions based on output, functional programming, bit manipulation Did 18/20 Elective: (Electronics/Communication/Software) I chose Software. 20 questions,… Read More »