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Opera Interview Experience | Set 3 (IOG division)

First round was a test that had 35 questions having negative marks. The test consisted of aptitude, technical questions in dbms, os,  programming questions, and there were 5 questions based on a case study which was about a language that was unlike sql and had different queries and operator styles, also different arguments. They had to… Read More »

Opera Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus For Software Engineer)

WRITTEN TEST: Consists of questions on: A) General computer Science:- os, networking,library functions in c/c++ etc. B) Data structures and Algorithms(Highest wattage) C) Sq l Queries on join and aggregate functions, simple queries ,questions on 1 NF,2 NF,3 NF, BCNF and loss less and lossy join Cutoff-(65-70% questions) 39 students were selected for interview from… Read More »