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Nagarro Interview Experience | Set 9

First Round IQ Test 12 mins 50 Ques (Very Basic IQ questions) (No negative marking) It was just meant to test the candidate’s presence of mind, and decision making skills. Basic Mental Maths Questions. To pass this round, attempt atleast 35 questions, the trick is not to stuck on any question and skip it if you think its not solvable… Read More »

Nagarro Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus)

Nagarro come to my campus for written test. Interview process conduct in Gurgaon office. Round 1: 3 written test in college campus. a.) Aptitude Round (R.S. Agrawal) (30 question, 40 minute). b.) Technical Aptitude (Most from the C language Easy question) (20 question, 20 minute). c.) 3 coding question written on paper. (In 75 Minute)… Read More »