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Microsoft Interview experience | Set 106

1. Phone Interview Tell me about yourself Questions related to kernels(difference between linux OS/kernel and windows OS/kernel) Difference between Process and thread // 32 bit architecture bool isPowerOftwo(int no) { int i = 1; int state = 0; int k = 0; for (int j = 0; j

Microsoft Interview experience | Set 105 ( Global Delivery )

Online-screening test: It was of around 90 minutes and was divided in 3 individual tests as follows: 1st test: Non-technical mcq(40 minutes: 40 questions) Quantitative aptitude mcq including questions on percentages, ratios, speed/distance, ages, pie charts, probability etc. Questions on vocabulary, coding/decoding, round table arrangements, sentence correction, Statements and conclusion etc. were also present. Questions… Read More »