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Advanced JavaScript Backend Basics

Getting Started with JavaScript Backend Basics The following article is a continuation to my previous article. In this article, we will dive deep into some of the advanced JavaScript concepts that are being used widely in the industry. “==” vs “===” The “==” coerces the types of the input that is it forces the variable… Read More »

JavaScript Backend basics

The following article is to get started with back end development using JavaScript. This article would cover the basics and rules used in JavaScript. JavaScript Engine Each browser has its own JavaScript engine which is used to support the JavaScript scripts in order for them to work properly. Below are the names of the JavaScript… Read More »

New features of JavaScript Arrays with ES2015

  In this article we will be discussing the new additions in ES2015 which substantially improves the way we work with Arrays in JavaScript. Array Destructuring Array destructuring allows us to assign values to variables from an array using syntax similar to the array itself. Let’s look at the code below where we have an… Read More »

JavaScript ES2015: Block Scoping

  Prior to ES2015, JavaScript supported only function level scoping unlike other languages like C++/Java which has block level scoping. With ES2015, in addition to function level scoping, JavaScript also supports block level scoping with the help of “let” and “const” keywords. But before we get into details of ES2015 stuff, let’s discuss what we… Read More »

JavaScript : The Awesome Script

  Either you love it or hate it, but in the age of Microservice and REST API, you can not ignore JavaScript. JavaScript was once upon a time used only in client side(browser), but node js (execution engine/run time/web server) have made possible to run javascript on server side. JavaScript is everywhere – on Desktop/Server/Mobile.You… Read More »

Must use JavaScript Array Functions – Part 3

Must use JavaScript Array Functions -Part 1 Must use JavaScript Array Functions -Part 2 In this article, we are going to discuss the following JavaScript array functions prototype.reduce() prototype.concat() prototype.sort() prototype.reverse() 1. Array.Prototype.reduce() Description: Array.prototype.reduce() function is used when the programmer needs to iterate over a JavaScript array and reduce it to a single value. A… Read More »

Understanding variable scopes in Javascript

In JavaScript, there are two types of scopes Global Scope – Scope outside the outermost function attached to Window Local Scope – Inside the function being executed Let’s look at the code below. We have a global variable defined in first line in global scope. Then we have a local variable defined inside the function… Read More »

Must use JavaScript Array Functions – Part 2

In Must use Javascript Array Functions – Part 1, we discussed two array functions namely Array.Prototype.Every() and Array.prototype.some(). It is important to note that both of these array functions accessed the array elements but did not modify/change the array itself. Today we are going to look at 2 array methods which modify the array and… Read More »

Must use JavaScript Array Functions – Part 1

In this article, we are going to discuss the following two JavaScript array functions  Array.prototype.every()  Array.prototype.some() Both of these functions are widely used in industry and makes the Javascript code clean, modularized and easy to understand. Array.prototype.every() Description: Array.every() function is used when you need to validate each element of a given array. Array.every() accepts… Read More »