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Grofers Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

Grofers On Campus Interview Experience : Round 1 : (Online test) Section-wise time Online test was amcat which consisted of quant,verbal,LR etc. and 2 coding q’s. (Sectional wise cut offs were present). Q. Rat and maze problem (not backtracking ,rat can move just right and down). Q. Implementation of quick sort (In built sort doesn’t… Read More »

Grofers Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

This was an on-campus recruitment process.There were 4 rounds. Round:1 This was the CV shortlisting round.They didn’t disclose the shortlisting criteria.For full time hiring 30 CV were selected.My CV was also selected. Round:2 This was a puzzle round conducted on paper.We were given 4 puzzles and had to solve them in 15-15-15-5 minutes. All the… Read More »