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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 41 (For SDE 1)

Round 1: Machine Coding – 90 mins (You need to code this on the interview site)(Any programming language) Best Selling Price You need to make a program in which 1.) You can add a product -> addProduct(“p1”) 2.) A user can purchase a product -> purchase(“u1″,”p1”) 3.) A user can return a product -> returnProduct(“u1″,”p1”)… Read More »

Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 39

 Telephonic Round: 1. How do you code Producer-Consumer problem ? 2. There is a requirement in Flipkart to show minimum price in the last 30 days, which data structure should be used for this ? 3. One DP problem, There are 10 houses in a row. A thief can’t pick money from the adjacent houses,… Read More »